saturday shopping list no. 4...

today's shopping list could be titled natural beauty... i think all of these items celebrate the beauty of nature in such lovely ways. i am choosing a few less items to focus on this week, but i am able to give a little more info about the work and why i chose it. enjoy!

1) the peaceful fruits. pear, apple, and fig plush bowl fillers, by la pomme- who wouldn't want to look at these lovely fruits all day?
2) bloom, and original fabric design, by daisy jane- a 27in x 18in, beautiful cotton linen fabric piece. this would make any project truly special.
3) green way organic wool soaker, by green way babywear- i could go on and on about the beauty of these diapers... they are truly a functional art piece! they are made from organic wool that has been spun on an antique spinning mule. if you aren't aware of the wonderful qualities of wool diapers check out her listing for more information... they are amazing!
4) a set of bears in love, by kg + ab (kgrandey)- this amazing piece is available as a reserve, usually. her shop is closed at the moment due to an illness in the family. heart her shop now and come back next month and grab these beauties!
5) linen runner, by jewelweeds- using sustainable and recycled materials, jewelweeds has simply beautiful and high quality items for the home that appear timeless.
6) shades of gray with eggplant and gold stripe multicolored striped baby woven scarf, by billy sue textiles- a beautiful hand woven scarf in cotton and cashmere. this is a special gift to give any child (and she's a finalist in the handmade kids contest, go check her out!)
7) large moss terrarium (circe), from made by mavis- these are just wonderful! i love the simple beautiful (and honestly, the low maintenance required) of these terrariums. what a great idea and lovely way to bring a little nature into your home or office.
8) ceramic terrarium desk frog, by mud puppy- here is the perfect addition to your terrarium, or anywhere for that matter! mud puppy has a really great, eclectic selection of work in the shop.
9) big tree little bird, modern baby or toddler applique quilt with organic cotton batting, made by all the numbers- this quilt is truly amazing. what a special blanket to wrap your child in and hand down to the next generation. it's stunning. (all the numbers is also a finalist in the handmade kids contest... check out her adorable dress featured there.)

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katy said...

some of my very favorites! i've been eying those terrariums for a while. great shopping list!

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Thanks for featuring a Daisy Janie fabric! Looks great in your montage!

barrettjonesfamily said...

It is an honor to have my baby scarf be apart of your beautiful display. Thanks again. Your blog is an inspiration.

Kayla coo said...

What lovely things.
Great items.

'fancypicnic' said...

What a wonderful selection. I love those la pomme items - so serene! A real treat to look at this list!

Half an Acre said...

more lovely things here too! i'm doing my saturday shopping list rounds!