march of dimes...

so for the month of november, i've decided to donate a portion of the profits from my store to the march of dimes. the march of dimes does much to raise awareness and support research to help end death from premature births. after losing my son reece, i was fortunate to discover the cause... a rare autoimmune disorder that causes my blood to clot during pregnancy. without medical assistance, reece couldn't make it past the 26th week of pregnancy. with my second son, jack henry i was able to take blood thinners and use prenatal testing to help me have a healthier pregnancy and happy outcome. with my third child, sidney, unfortunately , my condition caused preeclampsia. as a result of this, sidney was born 7 weeks early. she spent several weeks in the hospital hooked up to machines and just learning how to live outside the womb. after finally coming home, she contracted rsv and had to go back into the hospital. this was a very difficult time but we are so lucky to have had wonderful hospitals and doctors to care for her. she is now a very healthy and strong (nearly!) 3 year old. all my children are such blessings... and after seeing so many parents going through the trauma of having a premature baby, some much less fortunate than us, i want to try to do something to give back. this is only a little step but that is how every great journey must start. i will let you know more details coming soon.

i just want to add, that i think pregnancy is a normal and beautiful part of life. i am a huge advocate for allowing pregnancy and childbirth to be as natural and intervention free as possible. although my intention when i had children was to have as natural a birth as possible, this wasn't an option for me. i was frustrated that everything had to become so medicalized- i longed to find some kind of healthy in between. i came the closest to what i wanted with jack henry's birth.. and i'm grateful that i could experience a more natural, and completely drug free birth. it was a beautiful experience. i am proud of all threee of my birth's, though, and learned from them that i have courage and strength i never knew was there.

i've also had to learn that in life we have to let go of our expectations many times, and work with what we have. i've really had to learn to adapt and do the best i can with what i am given because nothing ever turns out exactly like we expect it to! i'm so thankful for my children and i want to help others experience the joy i have been given.


Jenn said...

You are very wise. We can have our hopes and dreams but when it comes to the health and safety of ourselves or our children, sometimes we must step back and allow intervention. I am sorry to hear about your loss...but happy to hear about your precious gifts. I have had five children at home and one in the hospital. I know myself well enough to know when I need outside care. Thanks for sharing your story. I donate a lot of time and effort to our local Lebonheur children's hospital because my oldest daughter has kidney disease and they were a wonderful hospital during her stays there. :0)

janina said...

thanks for sharing your story, and also the one below. It is hard when you don't know how to comfort a friend when they are hurting.
I think it is awesome that you are donating your proceeds to charity, this is a great cause. I did the March of Dimes walk for about 4years around high school, it always made me feel so good to help the tiny babies. (now we support the JDRF, my 5 year old has diabetes)
thanks for the blog link, it has been nice to get to meet you and your sister a little bit (even if it is only online)

elmaelsiena said...

I am so sorry for your loss and I am thankful that you have had more blessings. We have been blessed with eight healthy children and they are for sure a blessing to us.Thanks for sharing. God Bless

Cary Walker said...

thanks all for your kind words, and sharing a little of yourselves with me. i've met so many wonderful people since opening my shop and starting this blog, and i'm really enjoying getting to know you all better.

jenn, i really hope everything is better soon for you. it's so scary when your little ones are sick... and especially when they are in the hospital.