saturday shopping list no. 8

one of my favorite things to indulge in is ceramics and pottery. sadly, with two little children, my collection is looking, well... a little cracked these days. maybe it's time to start replacing some old chipped favorites with some new lovely finds...

1) green stripe soup bowl, made by campanaceramics
2) small semi matte cream 3-way server, flow series, by juditavill
3) camper vessel, made by paigerussell
4) set of three bud vases, from bigggirlco
5) vintage white ceramic bird, at dandeliongirl
6) tiny stoneware bottles, made by sarapaloma
7) bubble robot- bud vase, made by 5pmstudio
8) vintage japanese coasters, at berdandbe
9) little friends in bottle green, by the runnybunny

check out fancypicnic for more! also go visit my sister, katy, at winsome hollow... she's participating this week too.


'fancypicnic' said...

I love them, Cary - calm, delicate and beautiful! The tiny stoneware vases are simple and those coasters for that intensity of colour. Great!

Cary Walker said...


edward and lilly said...

They're divine, what a great selection.