our chicks have arrived and we are in seventh heaven around here! i have been wanting to get chickens for years... ever since i lived in brooklyn. when we moved to atlanta i hoped to find the right place to keep them and we finally have found the perfect place, here in our 150 year old farm house! the first three arrived yesterday... the black barred rocks. they have two fuzzy yellow friends to keep them company until the next 5 arrive in a few weeks, and then they will go back to a friend (who got most of hers in the first round of delivery). they will be traded in for 3 buff orpingtons and 2 easter egg chicks! i am getting chick updates every 5 minutes from the kids. important info like... "mom, one is laying down asleep with it's foot sticking out!" they do that constantly and it is hilarious. they are really fun to watch and we can't wait to see how fast they will grow!

this one is "firestorm", though all she wants to do is sit in your hand

this one is "sally henny penny", though she is the feisty one who is constantly escaping!

we are all in love!


katy said...

i really wanted to chicknap them... they're so adorable!!

ImSoVintage said...

they are so sweet. look how much they are loved already.