happy earthday, happy easter...

one of the ways we are celebrating earthday and easter this year is with our naturally dyed easter eggs. we made them last year, and loved them so much that we have decided to do them this way from now on. we used basically the same ingrediants as last time... although the violets have already come and gone, so we only used blueberries for the blue. i had planned to use beets to do red, but alas we had only golden beets in the fridge! we experimented with strawberries and chili powder and got a lovely pink. next year we will do beets for sure. i love the variations and subtle colors. i can't wait to use eggs from our own hens next year!

today we are blowing out some more eggs, instead of hard boiling, and the kids are coloring them with markers to hang for an easter tree. i made a simple arrangement on the table this morning to set the mood, using a pretty vintage cloth underneath. the easter egg tree will go in the green jug. it was very pretty to look at while i had my morning coffee! i think this weekend will be lovely and warm and i am looking forward to a relaxing day spent with family. i hope your weekend is lovely, whatever you may be celebrating!

we finished the egg tree, so i added this pic!

spring at our house


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