etsy favorites (after the storm)...

oh snap fleece wrap jacket, by gaia conceptions

hello! i was without internet for a few days due to a bad storm/tornado at the begining of the week. we had no major damage, thankfully, and i have to say i got a lot done without the distraction of the internet! some major spring cleaning happened... boy was i sore the next day.... and a trip to the zoo. the sun is out and the weather is lovely. i am looking forward to a beautiful spring and summer too ahead.

nigel and lily embracing at sea,  by this is all i know

vintage white pottery vase, from modish vintage

handmadesailing vessel, by raphaela mccormack

march fox, by amber alexander

clothespin flower yellow chenille,  by winsome hollow

ps... sorry if the layout looks wonky today... blogger was acting nutty today!

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Heather said...

Love the paintings! I wish I could go on a shopping spree at Etsy. :) Have a good weekend, Cary!