bear with me...

a little bear i made special order last week

i am afraid to admit that i was listening to christmas music today while i cleaned the kitchen... the new she & him christmas album on spotify. i'm kinda falling hard for spotify. do you use it? i'm so in the mood for christmas this year. it seems a lot of us are feeling this way... i keep seeing people guiltily admitting to already listening to christmas music as well. i do find it helps put me in the mood for making things for the shop though. i won't have a huge update, as my poor little shop has been so neglected that i feel like i can't really compete up with all the vast amount of choices that are on etsy these days. i think it's cool, but also a little overwhelming! i will have some more animals... including a really cute (if i do say so myself) donkey, that i can't wait to share. i hope to have it finished tomorrow. also, i have a couple of other new ideas i'm excited to work on! i have reminded myself that sometimes i need to splurge on new fabrics to work with in order to feel inspired. i am not good at doing the same things over and over! i also plan to make some gifties for our prairie seed shop. have you checked it out lately? katy has added some really delicious aprons and other goodies!!

sweet pocket apron

black and white gingham apron

three lovely linen tea towels