just to let you know, there is a listing up in the shop now for custom nativity orders. they take two weeks for katy (winsome hollow) and i to complete. find out more information here.

today was the last week for our farmer's market... boo. it has become a favorite weekly ritual for us and april is seeming very far away! there were so many good vegetables today... we got a ton of greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, turnips, herbs, tomatoes, plus bread and more. we will really miss it. do you have a favorite farmer's market? we all love going. we always see people we know, the kids play the whole time, they have great chef demos from some of the best chefs in atlanta, lot's of goodies to eat while we are there, including delicious wood fired pizza, and plenty of doggies for charlie to say hello to (plus, lot's of goodies for him to try to steal). we were lucky that it started right after we moved to the neighborhood and was an instant success... thanks to all the hard work of those who run it and of course the farmers and bakers themselves! i can't wait until next year. i also can't wait to turn all that good food into a thanksgiving meal this weel. my kids, and husband have the whole week off, and i am lucky to be surrounded by my lovely little family!

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