little views from around the house (fall edition)...

my daughter decided she wanted to make a little centerpiece for the table after collection the eggs yesterday and this is what she came up with... i guess she does pay attention to what i do around the house

lemons finally turning yellow... but after nine months of watching them grow how could i ever eat them?

berries from the yard

chicken corner, for after chicken "doody" (sorry couldn't resist)

view of the coop from outside my kitchen window when i look out in the morning

new sign

i painted the hallway white last week, and i love the light now. i need a new rug and some art on the wall

library, a major work in progress

hall light. i'd like to replace this when i find something right but i'm thinking of replacing the shades for now

i can't wait to decorate the stairs for christmas (and the whole house too!!)


Jenniffer said...

Oh! Your house is SO gorgeous! Love the little centerpiece your daughter made- she has a good eye. Seeing your 'chicken corner' and coop just make me want chickens all over again!

ImSoVintage said...

Our little sweetie is such an artist, of course she would make a fabulous centerpiece. Everything looks so pretty.