etsy virtual labs...

well, i have a lot on my plate recently... and i apologize for getting so behind in adding new items to the shop, especially for the mama and baby series. i made a few new ornaments for winter... but my animals are still in progress.

i have been working on something special this last week, with katy (winsome hollow). she was contacted by etsy about doing a tutorial for the virtual labs, and was nice enough to include me. i have to say i'm so nervous! i'm really not good at this kind of thing! if you are interested in watching, though, you can log into etsy on thursday at 7pm (eastern time), and go into the virtual labs. there you can see katy and i do a needle felting tutorial. we will show the basics, and how something as simple as a ball of wool can be transformed into many different things... like a turkey! we came up with this cute little turkey, which is a simple but sweet idea to have for children at thanksgiving. it would look so cute on display, and also make a nice gift for any little ones on thanksgiving day. afterward we will also show off some of our favorite natural toys for kids. hopefully i'll get through it with out making a fool out of myself! maybe it will even be fun:)

i promise to share some pics of the kids from halloween and sidney's birthday, and some photos of our local fall leaves! lot's of updates coming soon. if you are in the u.s. i hope you will be joining me in voting today! don't forget... it's too important. i really hope our country is in for some great changes, and it's amazing to think of this as history in the making!

regardless of who you are voting for... just vote! find out where to go here.


Bad Day Ben Designs said...

Oh Yay! I'll try to tune in on Thursday, I've been curious about needle felting.

Got your package yesterday - your packaging is almost as lovely as your ornament. Even my husband was impressed! The acorn is displayed proudly around a white candle on the table just inside my front door. Thank you again!


Cary Walker said...

i'm glad it arrived safely and you are enjoying it:)

Katie said...

I'm sure you'll do a great job :) I've always wondered how to do needle felting so hopefully I'll be home to tune in! Good luck with it!