saturday shopping list no. 11...


i have no particular theme, other than picking a few pretty things to share. hope you have a lovely weekend...

1) tablecloth, vintage white linen hand stitched in blue, from highstreetmarket
2) 1959 swedish decanter and glasses, from mendshop
3) city no. 14, by theoakleaves
4) timex clock, from passepurse
5) little yellow riding hood cashmere bonnet, made by bluemoonrose
6) bird love teapot, from ninainvorm
7) michigan summer woods- russula mushroom fine art print, by mollysteinwald
8) beautiful handmade 1950's vintage blue and yellow rose apron, from thevintagepantry
9) special woodlander duke, made by astulabee

check out fancy picnic for more lists!

** check out my treasury based on this list!**


'fancypicnic' said...

Oooh, lovely!!

The Duke is something else!
Love the mushroom print, too xx

Congratulations with your custom rabbit...just gorgeous!

Cary Walker said...

thanks so much... he took me forever:) i'm still finishing him up actaully!

katy said...

oh man, and i considered that teapot before deciding on the plate!!

i'll take one of everything on your list today, please.
and sid can have the adorable cashmere bonnet ;)