saturday shopping list no.10...

i have been thinking about thanksgiving coming up, enjoying the fall leaves on the trees and ground, and wanting to settle in away from cold weather ahead. i'm trying to capture a warm, rustic feeling with my shopping list... and hope you get a nice cozy feeling from it!

1) le amor... hanging metal chandelier candle holder, by baconsquarefarm
2) handcrafted farm table, from gracedanieldesigns
3) resting sparrows tumblers, by justmare
4) nesting (journal), by mamaroots
5) gothic house no.1, from weewood
6) felted woolen slipper socks, made by pawfelts
7) table runner, by kelgwo
8) woodland gift tag decoration set, from mothtoaflamestudio
9) vintage mikasa, from modishvintage

hope you are all staying warm... i'm always wishing for a fire place around this time of year. visit fancy picnic for more in the shopping series... and also winsome hollow.


katy said...

love, love, love it! that farm table is incredible!
now i want to stay cozy in my house all day... too bad i have to go run some errands instead!

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Really nice blog. Enjoyed it.

ThePeachTree said...

I'm always wishing for the crackling warmth of a fire place. Wonderful picks! They're all so homey :)

Half an Acre said...

oooo yes! i do feel cosy! very cosy! such a pretty collection of things.

Anonymous said...

the colors make me want to nest by a fire and dream. soothing and lovely items. very well done!