new little birdy...

new little bird in the shop... made from a lightly felted wool, and a mix of vintage and new fabrics.

i have so many ideas in my head for projects, but just not enough time to make them all:( i'm quite sad about it, but i'll get to it all eventually. i have a craft fair coming up this saturday , which i'm busy making ornaments for. i feel like the shop is looking a little "old"... nothing really different lately. it's been pretty slow too all of a sudden... i hope some of you are enjoying the holiday rush instead. go check out katy's shop if you get a chance... you better hurry though, she is selling out quickly (see if you can catch one of her adorable little bunnies)!

by the way, as it's the last day of the month, and i haven't been very good about putting new items in the shop for you, i'm extending my charity donation to the end of the year. a portion of items purchased will be donated to the march of dimes, through the month of december as well. thanks for your support!


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