the birds sing for the spring.
calling out out to the sun, breasts bared
and throats full.
they sit on cold sullen branches, knowing
their pleas will come to fruition.
the world will not stay cold, the sun will not forsake.
watch the leaves like knife blades, pushing through the still hard earth.
green stalks do not yet bare their promise,
naked without blush.
the world holds its breath and waits for them,
all the while listening to the bird song.
they see all, and their song turns the earth.

... anon.

"overachiever" by little fish studios

"untitled" by lena corwin

"rabbit shoes" by sweet nellie

"little bouquet" by a creative mint

"little clouds in my studio" by atelier pompadour

in desperate need of some inspiration on these cold dreary days. i know i shouldn't really call them dreary... the sun shines brightly and we are not buried under snow like my friends up north. they feel dreary, and there is no escaping that. this time of year the cold seems to settle in my bones and i can't ever get truly warm. i have lived places that stay warm the whole year round. that is not the answer for me, because i know i will always suffer for the beautiful promise of spring.

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

The winter gets long, no matter where you live, I think. I hope you shake the chill soon. Spring is on the way.

Thank you, for including my photo here on your lovely blog.


Cary Walker said...

thank you, lisa, for such a beautiful photo to share!

katy said...

mmm, i'm in love with both the poetry and the images... i think i need to paste them all over my house as a daily reminder of what is to come!

Lambert said...

Beautiful pictures, I love those little clouds.
I am done with winter (just heard it may snow again next week) I need Spring light and warmth ...

Cary Walker said...

I love the clouds too! It's suppose to rain/sleet/snow here tomorrow... yuck!