time is precious...

me: "time to wash your hair."
sid: "i did that yesterday.'
me: "no you didn't."
sid: "the day after that."
me: "you mean the day before?"
sid: "actually, i meant tomorrow."
me: "tomorrow hasn't happened yet."
sid: "what?!"
me: "tomorrow hasn't happened yet."
sid: (shaking her head) "ay yi yi".

... apparently that was the end of the conversation.

i wish i could hold onto these moments for all the tomorrow's that haven't happened yet.


katy said...

love it! i can perfectly visualize the whole conversation... especially the 'what?!' and the 'ay yi yi' ;) that's a girl who knows how to take charge of a conversation!

such a sweet picture too

vesna said...

very sweet!

Cary Walker said...

katy- yes, as kyle likes to say, she has it all figured out, we are the ones who are a mess:)

i can't believe that picture is nearly a year old!

Cary Walker said...

thanks for your comment vesna:) i love these little moments

Olive Mac said...

That is so precious! Made me smile....

Cary Walker said...

thanks olive, it made me smile too... it's good to share smiles!