etsy favorites...

1) gold birdie mug, made by mudpienc
2) charleston barn original painting, by trinaberg
3) vintage gold glasses, from luckylittledot
4) carved wooden birds- your choice, made by craftyguys

a little taste of spring, on a very dreary day here. i will post another sheep this weekend, probably tomorrow as there is not much sun today! i'll post at my facebook page before it goes up. i also have a giraffe that is nearly complete and will go in the shop soon. if you would like to hear about listings right away you can join me on facebook for updates! happy weekend!!


katy said...

we were definitely on the same wave length this morning... i'm not sure what's up with this cold, gloomy weather!

Cary Walker said...

yes, your yellows inspired me:)

it's nice today though!