etsy favorites... (the world in miniature)

1) walnut sail boat, by littlesketchbook
2) tiny chinese blue and white teacup with little haworthia succulents, from tinyshovels
3) harry potter finger puppet set, made by claraclips
4) wooden cake topper- woodland little red and wolf, by the enchanted cupboard
5) nest on a sprig, made by winsome hollow
6) cottonwood carving whimsical fairy village, from riverotterrustic

as you could probably tell, i am obsessed with the idea of the world in miniature. i, of course, love to make little animals that fit in the palm of your hand. obviously, many other artists have this same fascination. miniature worlds abound on etsy. i could fill an entire blog with them (hey, there's an idea... hmm). i'll share some recent ones that have caught my eye in the past week. the little walnut sale boat reminds of the ones my son used to make in preschool. i just want to get in and sale away to a tiny little island somewhere. i love the tiny teacup i saw just today on etsy and reminds me also of another miniature favorite i bought myself last week...

this is an airplant, in a raw porcelain thimble cup, from pigeon toe ceramics... and it is so tiny and perfect! the little finger puppet set looks absolutely adorable as well, and i would love to have one of these for me... i mean my kids (not really, it would totally be for me). i love the little miniature red riding hood scene for a cake topper. how sweet for a child's (or child at heart's) birthday party. i included the little nest on sprig, even though katy doesn't have one in her shop right now. all of her miniature creations are so perfect... but i have a nest like this one and it is so sweetly tiny! i just love it. finally, i was really struck by the tiny detailing in the carved fairy village. i can just see hanging this on a child's wall and letting them imagine the tiny world that would exist within.

i hope you enjoy!


Dayanara said...

I think its a girl thing. Theres something about it being able to fit in your hand. My mom still calls me to pick up my collection of super mini tea sets. So cute:)

Cary Walker said...

that's so funny. my daughter has 4 sets, and i can't stop collecting. i found the sweetest vintage tea set someone was giving away and brought it home. my husband couldn't understand why i had gotten her another one... and i realized it was really for me! so it is on display in my own china cabinet now.

katy said...

i just want to live in a miniature world! love all of these (and i would totally play with those harry potter puppets!)... thanks for including my mini nest in here ;)

Cary Walker said...

yes, the harry potter puppets are rad. i wish i had thought of it first. i totally want to live in a miniature world... why does it sound so appealing though?