inspiration wednesday...

1. one good thing, 2. fun bikes!, 3. Jersey, 4. blogged, 5. every day is a party, 6. The moon, 7. time to move, 8. Merino Lace Socks, 9. bluegirl24, 10. Paolo, 11. what's that you hold and why is it so bright?, 12. In Progress, 13. Untitled, 14. Patterson Park Pagoda, Baltimore MD, 15. Coin Purse, 16. house ring

it was interesting to see all the color that popped up in my flickr favorites this week. it looks much different than last weeks grouping. i think i am yearning for a little more color in my wintery white days. yesterday was quite colorful birthday for me. i will share more about that later. thanks to those who sent me nice birthday wishes. it added a lot of color to my day!

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