inspiration wednesday...

1. Embroidered Junco, 2. Weeping Willow, 3. Kitchen reno from Ish & Chi, 4. untitled, 5. Untitled, 6. * rock inspiration, 7. collection screen print, 8. new spring birdies!, 9. gorputza, 10. my half..., 11. venetian blinds, 12. Snowy branches, 13. week two, 14. yellow blot, 15. BEAUTIFUL antique silver grape scissors...1920's, 16. AMBER pressed glass footed juice glasses...set of 4, 17. Untitled, 18. joy, 19. widemouth, 20. Gramercy Park NYC

it's been a whirlwind of a week for me... personally and professionally! i'm so thankful to everyone who purchased something from my shop this past week. that post on dooce really helped to clear out a lot of my shop, and i need to get busy and make some more. i still have lot's of cute mushrooms and feathers though. i'm also planning a special giveaway this friday to celebrate! it will be a little bit of a bigger giveaway for me, so i hope you'll help me get the word out (and maybe i'll do them more often).

the sun is starting to change here! the light is getting so much brighter, and i'm hoping the warmth will follow soon. i'm ready to come out of hibernation (no joke, i can rarely get myself out lately... poor sid). i've been buying sundresses the last week... in hopeful anticipation. i had no clothes to wear but when i went to the store, that's all there is. they looked so bright and pretty, i'm just wearing them over my jeans! i'm ready to stop layering for a bit though.

i'm on the look out for some new flickr friends (and inspiration). if you are on flickr, add me, so i can find you too! (i'm finding some great news friends... yay! come on, don't be shy).

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walk in the woods said...

i too have been in hibernation this winter; but i feel the urge to begin getting out there into the world again...hee hee...the sun is calling us out.