8 months old...

tess is 8 months old! she is changing day by day now. everyday i feel like i wake up wondering what new things she will do. it is an exciting time and we are all trying to soak up every minute (while also trying to baby proof an entire house, which is much harder than a small brooklyn apartment). she is happiest when she moving around and exploring. she loves crawling all over. she especially loves crawling as quickly as possible towards something she thinks is off limits. luckily at this point she gives off the most gleeful naughty giggle in the process, which is a great warning device for me! when she is thwarted though, watch out! she already yells in frustration and throws a little mini tantrum on the floor. oh, boy. it is really cute right now though! she is hard to resist. even grumpy and fighting a nap or painful teething, or getting her diaper changed. even when she bites or pinches (oh boy is she trouble), she just has the most irresistible little personality... she melts us all. her love is fierce and we love her back the same!

i also wanted to add a thank you to elma, a very loyal follower, who sent the sweetest sweater this week for tess to grow into.... and luckily it fits sid now! she was so happy when she pulled it out of the box and found it fit her. i can't wait for the girls to share it. how special. thank you!

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