bower bird....

hello. good friday. sorry for the slow week. it has taken me all week to really recover from the stomach flu. i would feel great in the morning but by evening i was back to feeling terrible and completely wiped out. tess got like three new teeth this week too, which meant little napping and a few long nights. i discovered she really likes to fall asleep to gregorian chant music while i walk her around. she likes to sleep to it too. this one is lovely. it adds a soothing feel to nap time and the whole house! thanks to my aunt elaine for that little gift.

we are finally having a bit of spring like weather and i can't wait for this weekend. the kids were out all afternoon yesterday with the door open. heavenly. i've been doing a lot of rearranging in the house. i am such a bower bird. is there a name for the condition where you perpetually have to rearrange everything in your house? whatever it is called i have it. my family makes fun of me. i have looked back at old pictures of the children and realized that the house looks different in every single one of them. maybe it's because i don't really have the money to buy things i love so i am just perpetually trying to rearrange  what i have into the perfect configuration. i do it so often that my husband and kids rarely even comment or seem to notice if they come home and find the entire house rearranged. rooms swapped, furniture moved around, pictures taken down and rehung. i have even moved furniture eight months pregnant. i have a restless spirit i guess, and it always makes me feel refreshed. anyway, here are way too many random pictures of tess at the breakfast table. i don't know why, she is not doing anything special here, but it makes me happy to look at them. her little dimpled hands. her expression trying to find her toy. listening to her brother talk about gravity! just a lovely morning moment. i hope your weekend is filled with many of these!

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