scenes from the weekend...

1. started feeding herself
2. getting more interested in what she is wearing and asking me all the time if something makes her look like a "teenager"!
3. good friends and fun with fire
4. spendig lots of time outside
5. erupting the volcano and destroying dinosaurs

we had a lovely weekend. it was so warm we spent a lot of time outside... playing with friends, going to the zoo and on a hike. jack henry won his pinewood derby with a car shaped liked cheese! sid went to a birthdy party in the neighborhood. the house was located on two acres with chickens and goats. the neighbor had a pig. the ice cream truck came and everyone got a free treat. she also went on a "date" with papa to her first concert. it was a nice weekend that went by too fast.

this week i am pondering... how do you motivate yourself to do things you don't want to do? i am an avoider. are you good at getting things done that you need to do but really don't want to do? i need to figure out how to be better about this.


messyfish said...

especially loving the volcano explosion!

Cary said...

it was a lot of fun!! they used an entire thing of food coloring and dropped all the dinosaurs inside the volcano:)