sickness caught up with me...

sorry for the absence again. i somehow managed to catch the stomach bug too and spent the day in bed. luckily, my husband was able to take a day off and care for he baby and the children had spent the night with their grandparents. maybe not an ideal way to get a break but i will take what i can get. it was nice to spend a quiet day in bed.

here are some things that happened before that... 

making a rocket with a balloon and learning about the laws of motion. we also learned the baby thinks the sound of the balloon is hilarious and will imitate it, blowing raspberries then laughing!

sidney had a play date with a friend and made some of our favorite lemon oatmeal muffins to take. cooking and baking with children is such a great way to learn important life skills, and a bit of math too!

the kids finished up their basketball season... very proudly for sid, who took home her first trophy. it was nice to see the kids go outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves to do something not always easy. we made some new friends too. i am looking forward to having our weekends back as we take a break from sports this spring. hopefully we will fill them up with some new family fun. we have a lot planned.

i'm working on cleaning out my current studio room to convert it to a children's room. i will take over the hall space upstairs, which first looked like this and then this. i'm excited to actually finish painting and making some other changes i will share when finished.

this is what tess is working on lately! trying to feed herself. she can pick up the food but can't quite get it into her mouth. she is all over the place crawling and standing. she tries to stand in the middle of the floor too. her second top tooth came in and is making her grouchy at times. she is saying mama, bubba, papa, nigh nigh when she is sleepy and mmmm when eating. very cute! 

still not much in the way of hair though!

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Jenniffer said...

Hope you're feeling better very soon!
(ps. your kids are adorable!) :)