scenes from the week...

1. still feeling bad but luckily able to make it to see a basketball game with a friend
2. some books in our weekly basket, stuff we are working on or reading this week (it was a slow week)
3. she loves books, especially if they don't belong to her (don't let her near your magazine though)
4. yogurt and banana. this girls loves, loves, loves banana
5. sid discovered judy garland in 'meat me in st. louise'. she has been singing all the songs and trying to imitate her. really cute!
6. and 7. i am so thankful for this kid. he is a great help and great big brother
8. "hi! i can stand and wave!!" and then probably fall down. why does everything in my house suddenly feel like a death trap?
9. "peekaboo!" never stops moving now.
10. what a week. (taken by jh)

whew, it's been a long week. why is it when you are really less busy the week feels harder? not that i wasn't busy... cleaning up puke (fun), taking care of sick kids, chasing after a suddenly very fast baby who is also standing holding onto everything. it was just a week out of the norm i guess, and everything felt "off". of course there were a lot of good moments to be grateful for a remember too and also with growing children what is "normal" will always change. happy weekend friends!

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Elma said...

Hope you feel better. It is no good when mommy is sick.