i came to write today's post and realized i had no pictures from thi s weekend. i didn't take pictures of the basketball gamrs or visits from friend. no pictures of sidney pushing jack henry through home depot in the cart as people stopped to laugh, even the people filming a commercial in the middle of the store. not one picture of the kids filling up the wheel barrow full of soap bubbles that spilled across the yard (an attempt to clean it and charge money for rides). i didn't take any of those pictures nor capture the many other sweet moments from the weekend. at first i was sad... why do i always foget to pull out my camera at the times i really want to remember? of course you know the answer to that. i was too busy living them. so, for once i was glad there were no pictures.

today we made some enso paintings inspired by my friend. they were really fun to make and good reminder of the beauty of imperfection for my one reluctant artist. we also read the dot for further inspiration. i look foward to making more!

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