scenes from the week...

1. thursday nights are now the kids night to make dinner and clean up (which was even more fun with a friend over)
2. she is changing so much all of a sudden!
3. morning light
4. sleepy face
5. sleepy feet
6. reading everywhere these days
7. started crawling for real this week!
8. playing with big sister
9. signs of spring
10. , 11., 12. walking the neighborhood
13. valentine flowers, now gone

well, i felt so much better after simply writing about what i was feeling the other day. it seemed to release a lot of those emotions in a positive way. the next few days were much better. i did some rearranging in the living room to make things more friendly for a crawling baby and i think it helped us all relax a little more and brought a little bit of freshness to the house. we snuggled in and read some books, we also took walks outside. i'm trying to make things more creative and interesting for all of us, but i think with spring coming soon we will hopefully all feel better. i have realized how much i need to start excercising again and making things. i just have to get back in the habit with both. thanks for your support dear friends and have a lovely weekend!

p.s. don't forget you can follow me on instagram to see many of my pictures through out the week. i try to post there on a daily basis.

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