a birthday weekend...

1. breakfast on monday morning
2. mr. t shrine while out shopping with my sister
3. me and my sweet girl (i've got to do something about the bags under my eyes! yikes)
4. super bowl, we have t.v. on our computer only and rarely use it
5. let me fix her hair
6. 6 more weeks of winter?
7. sisterly love
8. math is her new favorite
9. took time to paint my nails
10. birthday cake
11. plant my sister gave me all the way from our family nursery in kentucky

my weekend was nice, if mellow. kyle was sick so we took things easy. my in-laws brought me dinner on saturday. sunday i was surprised with breakfast in bed by my children for my birthday. they made it themselves and not only was it edible but it was delicious! it was very sweet. i went out to lunch with my sister here. love that place. it was a nice leisurely lunch and time to catch up after not seeing her for two weeks. my husband made me a yummy chocolate coffee cake that i will get to enjoy all week long!   my mother sent me a huge setting of beautiful dishes. i can't wait to unpack them all and find a place to display them. i will share them when i do. i'm very loved and very lucky.

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