scenes from the weekend...

1. and 2. an early birthday dinner for my wonderful sister, katy (it's tomorrow really)!
3. trying so hard to get the baby to sleep. i feel like most of my day is spent doing this. 
4. this is how i clean the bathroom these days
5. playtime on monday morning
6. she loves music and music instruments and is already dancing whenever she hears it!
7. taking our order for dinner
8. dressed up to represent qatar for world thinking day. i love this age!

we had a very nice weekend. grandparents came and watched the kids saturday so kyle and i could check out the victory sandwich bar... a jack and coke slushy? yum! we were supposed to go to the high to check out the preview for the new frida kahlo and diego rivera exhibit but didn't get out of the house in time (hello, pumping is a pain). we will get there though. i can't wait.

sunday both kids had scout events and kyle, the baby, and i went to check out a terrific new sudbury school that just opened and i am super excited about! i really liked it! plus, it offers a three day a week option! can you tell i am excited! now to just figure out how to pay for it, hmm...

we ended the weekend with a little suprise dinner and cake for my sister's birthday. it was early but hopefully a nice start to her birthday week! love you sis!

that's just a few bits from our busy weekend. how was yours?

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