getting ready for easter...

1. they asked if they could paint eggs for the egg tree and i told them they need to be blown out first but that i had to put the baby down. when i came back they had already done them all themselves! who are these big kids?
2. she likes it up there
3. getting ready to go eat vietnamese food with my husband. alone!
4. yay, tofu for lunch! this girl loves to eat (and dance)
5. almost ready for their big day
6. and 7. collecting from the yard to dye eggs
8. sisters
9. nerf battle in pj's with a purple tie around his head
10. dying eggs

tomorrow i will share the results of our egg dying this year. we have been doing it for several years now and they always come out different. i also have to help get the boys off on their camping trip tomorrow and comfort a sad sister who will feel left behind. hope you all had a lovely weekend? i went to the wren's nest. it was really interesting. i learned so much. i will have to share more soon. i also did a lot of sewing. i always forget how much i love it. it's been a while and sidney was surprised when she saw them, gasping "they are so beautiful... how do you do that!?" always nice to hear:) jack henry also won the pinewood derby this year and came home beaming with a trophy. good times.

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ImSoVintage said...

Looks like a wonderful week so far and I know the three of you will have fun while JH is away. Wish I was there. SOON!!!