fall leaves..

i've been sick all week with a cold. i'm feeling somewhat better today, except i've almost completely lost my voice (thanks in part to my children). yesterday i kept jack henry home so i could rest... yes, my husband asked me what i was thinking too! i really didn't want to take him to school and pick him up, and he's generally pretty good. i'm not sure i'd call it a restful day, but i admit i did give in and rely on the television this week... way too much (cringe). i always feels so guilty doing this, and i know this is a dilemma that many parents are faced with. my children of course thought they hit the jack pot, as they usually get one movie a week, and that's it. which, actually i think makes weeks like this worse because they are on complete overload from it. it short circuits their little systems!

i'm really not one of those people who thinks television is evil, i don't actually. i do see it suck them in, and not want to do other things. i want them to be creative and not rely on television. it's a struggle though, especially in the city where they can't go out to play (without it being a major production). so at this point, it's a movie on saturday morning while mama and papa sleep in.. which keeps it something special. going to the movies is another story... i'd probably go everyday if i could (maybe that's why i have a master's in film theory). i used to take jack henry to every age appropriate move that came out, because we both adore the experience so much! the popcorn, the big screen, the excitement! alas, i quickly found out not every movie is actually age appropriate, even if it labeled so... or it is just down right terrible. who decided "raunchy" is the way to go with children under 13!? i really don't shelter my children from most things, i'm pretty laid back about that (most of my friends think i'm crazy because of this) but these movies just aren't good. so now, i'm more selective about what we see.

we did manage to do some other fun things yesterday besides watch movies. my son had the idea to cut out some fall leaves. sidney was frustrated she couldn't cut them out, so she decorated. pretty cute and they look nice in our windows. a good mommy moment in a week with few of them.


katy said...

jack henry looks so sweet in that picture. hope you're enjoying your sleep in this morning!

Cary Walker said...

it was nice... if i could just get my voice back!