front page again!..

just popping in quickly... we had a long but very nice day and i'll share the details soon. i just wanted to give thanks to meeabee, for including me in her wonderful treasury i felt like it (go visit it, because i couldn't fit the whole treasury in when taking a cap on my laptop and there are some really cute items!). it made it to the front page and i got several more sales from it! it's really wonderful the way fellow etsians support and promote one another, and i for one really appreciate it!

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Blooming said...

I am so pleased for you!! I saw that the pumpkin sold this morning (it was so cute!) I love your creations.

How do you manage such detailed work with small children? Lots of late nights?

I will bookmark your blog and read through it when I have a minute. I keep meaning to start a blogroll - must do that.

Thanks for the little shout out and congrats on the sales!