saturday shopping list no.6

i love to see people who are creative about what goes into their work, especially when they consider their impact on the environment and those around them. as an artist who often tries to reuse fabrics myself, and is very concientious about the materials i use, i am so appreciative of the abundance of shops on etsy trying to reuse, repurpose, reduce, reclaim, relove... so many great ways to look at it! there is no way i can begin to show them all here, but these are a few that have caught my eye lately. just click on the items name to find out what makes each one so great. enjoy!

1) coffee sack pillow- frankenpillow, by sewgreen
2) cochineal pink- by ecologicalartist
3) ecofriendly flatware set, made by ponyup
4) salut, birdie mobile, from royalbuffet
5) a rainbow of different color shants, made by soulyluna (a fellow ucsb alumni, i found out!)
6) wool and vintage button brooch, from thecalakacompany (otherwise known as my mommy:)
7) flora giraffe card, by reloveprojects
8) basic black- genuine drilled beach stones, from seasidesupply
9) modern red oak spinning wheel- adamo, made by ford4him

go check out fancypicnic to find more great lists:)


'fancypicnic' said...

What wonderful finds! The birdie mobile...the gorgeous giraffe cards...they all have the look of 'you' about them! lovely xx

Still very jealous of your Mr Depp 'connection' lucky, lucky thing!!

Kyle said...
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little love blue said...

ha ha! it was a lucky moment:) i'm off to check out your list...

Laura said...

I love everything on the list. Some of these sellers were already my favorites, but now I have some new ones as well. Thanks for including my brooch in such a fabulous list. MOM

soulyluna said...

thank you thank you!! loving it all :)))

katy said...

so, so beautiful! another saturday of fantastic finds!

ReLove Projects said...

Thank you so much for featuring ReLove Projects! Beautiful finds.