some new favorites...

i love looking at beautiful design (if that isn't obvious). i'm one of those design magazine junkies... i can't get enough of those beautiful, serene pictures of people homes. i guess i also love the voyeuristic aspects of it too. actually, one of my favorite things about living in a city is walking around at night and getting a glimpse into people's houses. i like it when you can just see a little bit, not too much... just enough to imagine the world inside. i hate when people actually catch you doing this though! oops! i swear i'm not a peeping tom, i just want to see your wallpaper...

these photos came from a new design blog i stumbled on. it definitely helps fill my quota for design photo consumption. check out emma's desinblogg.

i just bought this little pitcher from paddywaak on etsy. her pictures just drew me in!

i also found this pretty tray from sweetshorn. now i can work on my own arrangement of pretty objects to photo.

ok, enough shopping for me... my husband and daughter both have birthdays in october! she's easy... he's always difficult. any suggestions for good shops for men?

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