new treasury...

i have a new treasury on etsy, "timeless". there seems to be some problems with the treasury right now, so i'm not sure people can actually see it! i will post it here, anyway:)

governor's island...

i visited governor's island this weekend for the first time. it was a really interesting experience. i wasn't really sure what to expect, but imagine taking a ten minute ferry ride from lower manhattan and then stepping out onto a different world. It is nothing like the city- lot's of wide open spaces and historic homes. there is a giant fort in the middle, and an amazing old castle. much of it is liking walking through a little town, where everyone has just suddenly gotten up and left at the same time.

they haven't really done much to the island, but everything is very pleasant and well-kept. you can wonder pretty freely and some of the home were open to visitors. there was an interesting arts event going on, and i think they will try to have many of these as they slowly transform the island into a large park and arts center. i recommend taking a visit. you can bring your bikes, or rent one there. they also have a nice selection of food for sale, and we had a picnic on a hill over-looking manhattan and the water (including the waterfalls project!).

elephants and birds...

i'm trying to focus the shop on my wool animals, so i am slowly building up a collection. each one is entirely hand-sewn, so it takes some time. i am using wool that i have felted myself, some made from recycled sweaters. i hope to make a trip to find some more materials to work with, as i am running out quickly.

the idea behind the animals, is to create something simple, and all- natural that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. the birds are made from a pattern i created and the elephants are based loosely on a pattern that i adapted to make my own. i am currently at work on a duck, and have a swan and giraffe on my list next.

i hope you will enjoy them.

my sister on the front page of etsy...

i was so excited to see my sister katy on the front page of etsy today. she has a lovely new shop, winsome hollow. two of her beautiful pouches were featured! i'm so happy for her. go check out her shop, it's wonderful.

new treasury...

i'm proud of the new fairy themed treasury i made today. it's my first in a while! it took me forever to finish, becasue i was trying to make the kids lunch while doing it! i never can seem to find enough time to get everything done... or maybe i need a few fairy friends to help me out:)

Most of the items are made by members of the Natural Kids Team. Beautiful!


i was very sad to hear about the passing of Tasha Tudor, although she lived a long and full life. i find her work such a beautiful inspiration, and on a recent trip to vermont i really enjoyed reading a little of her biography at the inn i stayed at. my daughter received one of her books in her easter basket this year, and i admit to pulling it out often for inspiration. her work really captures a time of innocence and simplicity. i'm sure she will be missed.

you can read more in her obituary in the new york times.

there is also a memorial website currently up for her.

another treasury!

i am lucky enough to have been picked for another treasury this week. The Singing Bird has made a beautiful blue treasury, that also features work by my sister, and fellow craft collective member katy, as well as our dear friend, and another member, sonia!

please visit The Singing Bird shop on etsy. she does so much to promote fellow crafters, and makes darling little needle felted creatures, like the one above!

please visit the treasury and take a look at the other beautiful items as well... it's up until monday.


one of the new items in my shop is featured in the treasury west! It's titled, "the world pales..." and is in a treasury featuring other peacocks. how about those peacock pasties?!

Check it out... peacocks

renegade craft fair...

some shots form renegade craft fair this weekend. saturday was very hot and we were rained out by a torrential storm. after drying everything out saturday night, sunday was much better. i really learned a lot about setting up and selling. it was great to see so many wonderful vendors. everyone was really nice. i'll post some of my favorites soon. i will also start putting up a lot of new items in my shop this week.