does anyone else's hand get so sore from sewing? i feel like my fingers are going to fall off... and don't get me started on my back. oy, the perils of sewing everything by hand. i really love to hand sew, but when you are going for mass quantities of things it can get frustrating. i sometimes wish i would just pull out the sewing machine and whip out a bunch of things at once. in the end though, i do love sewing everything by hand. a lot of love and care goes into each thing i make. choosing colors, a design, cutting everything out and pinning, and then sewing each stitch-- i'm very proud of the end result, even though it takes me so long. i'm proud to take all these scraps and raw pieces and odds and ends, and make them into something entirely my own.

i'm working this week with a lot of upcycled materials, as well as fabric i have felted my self. i'll try to take a break and take pictures soon. if i can get my hands working again:)

fun (fan) craftiness

one fun thing about being crafty is expressing my self to others in lot's of fun ways. it's nice to be able to make things that are more than just to sell. i love to make things for my children, of course (that's what started me out). i also love to make silly things for friends- and my own enjoyment. i'm a huge fan of the comedy duo flight of the conchords. i made the albi pin (above), which is inspired by one of their songs. i was able to meet them twice this week and share it with them also. the second photo is my suprise, the second night, when one of the guys pulled the pin out of his pocket where he put it the night before! (thanks to shebearess for the great photo!)

lot's of fun, but now i am back to more serious crafting for the renegade fair (still fun also:)