it's just that hot...

this is what my children did after playing outside yesterday! it has been such a hot summer (i know i don't have to tell you that!). we have been at the pool most everyday... and then laying around like slugs the rest of the time. what creative things have your children done to try to beat the heat?!

we have also been getting ready for some big changes around here. my children have decided to try school this year. i think we are all feeling a conflicting mix of emotions. both kids have attended some form of school before, but never at the same time. so, i am facing a big change myself. i have had a child with me everyday for the past eight years! that is a long time. i think it will be a fun adventure for all of us, and it will be interesting to see what happens! so, i am trying to soak up my time with them a bit now and that is why the absence from blogging. i am looking toward the future though and thinking of the time i will have to myself. perhaps it is time  for me to step back into my work a bit. i know most of you have probably given up on me, and i had pretty much given up on myself but i am looking foward to creating again. i hope you will stick with me a bit longer:)

hope you are all staying cool!