spring is here! in new york we would just be seeing signs of early spring, so moving to georgia was quite a shock. we literally drove right into spring! we have had some beautiful days, and after a lot of rain everything is starting to burst with color. mornings start out cool but by afternoon we are in short sleeves. it's really lovely. how is the weather where you are? to see more of my photos, visit here.

bunny giveaway...

look at these adorable pictures isabelle shared of her new bunny friend! i'm so glad he found a good home! check out her wonderful blog, lou et tom, also.

thanks isabelle!

shop update and spring special...

i've listed this little bunny in the shop, and will start listing more over the next week. i'm having a special to celebrate spring... free shipping in the u.s./mexico/canada, and 3 dollar shipping everywhere else. thanks!

saturday shopping list...

1) felted woolen knitted slipper socks, made by pawfelts
2) rustic blond wood candle holders set of three, by the logbasket
3) yellow mod-ish salt and pepper shakers, from thorwaldhome
4) blue lines gold roses, from backwards
5) sky blue earrings, by thepeachtree
6) colorful enamel paella pans, from imsovintage

today's shopping list is chosen from some of the seller's i have actually bought from, and love!

for more great list visit charlotte over at fancypicnic.

** as for my shop, i will add the little bunny this afternoon, as well as start a little spring sale for you all!

new bunny friend...

i'm working on a few bunnies this week. i'll will update the shop this weekend (starting tomorrow).

abby glassenberg...

i have been a fan of abby glassenberg's work for quite some time, and since moving to atlanta i had the opportunity to see it in person. last weekend i took my sister and mother-in-law over to the young blood gallery where abby and david hale have a show together... "birds of a feather". it was of course right up my alley... with my love for soft sculpture, and fascination with feathers, stones, etc. it was a lovely collection and worked well together. we were all very impressed with abby's work. her attention to detail is amazing. the number of panels and pleats used to create the shape of the birds was also quite impressive. unfortunately, my camera battery died about five pictures in, and i didn't have many to choose from here. i was hoping to show some of her detailing, and also a few larger photos of the gallery space. you can visit their flickr site to see more photos. the flying birds were wonderful! i'm so glad i had the chance to go... i'm now an even bigger fan!

if you are in the area, the gallery and boutique are very nice, and i saw quite the collection of etsy artists in the storefront. we also had a yummy brunch at the cafe next door... where i ate outside on the patio!!! do you know how lng it's been since i've eaten outside? oh, it was just lovely.

a good reminder...

after a hard week, and feeling down... this was what i needed to read this morning, to put things in perspective. i love nie nie's blog. i didn't discover her until after her crash... but i find her writing before and after, so inspiring. i especially like that even though we are very different people in a lot of ways, she still speaks deeply to me as a person.

so we are just trying to settle in here, which is difficult since we are still looking for a place to live! we are lucky to stay with family... on a pretty wooded lot... a nice change from living in the city for so long. i will start posting some pictures, as soon as i can locate my cable to upload them! i have set up a little craft space here too and i'm starting to work again. i have both kids home full time though, so it's a slow start for now. i'll update soon. thanks for your words of support and encouragement, they really mean a lot.

saturday shopping list...

a little touch of spring!

1 little city hoop (hello spring- aqua), by littlepinkhouse (this one sold, but she has other great items)
2) medium mini sprout vase, made by whitneysmith
3) lazy day hanging paper flowers, from tangleandfold
4) handprinted flour sack towels, by maramiki
5) buttercream birdhouse, made by greenwaredesign
6) the secret of secret's 8x10 fine art print, by jenmurray

go to fancypicnic for more great shopping lists! i'll miss next weeks, as i'm off to atlanta then!

winner and shop update...

well, we have a winner! congratulations to isabelle! she was actually the first person to leave a comment and randomly, she was the first name that came up using random.org. isabelle left a lovely post on her blog about the contest as well. thanks isabelle... looks like my little bunny will be off to france soon!

for those who didn't win, i just wanted to say how appreciative i am for all your nice comments. i really enjoyed reading every one of them, as well as visiting all of your blogs. i found so many new favorites! i wish i could give you all a bunny too.

speaking of bunnies, now. i have to apologize because i really tried hard to have a bunny update for today. unfortunately, the hazards of being a one woman operation is that if you get sick, there is no one to pass it off too. lot's of packing and one pretty bad cold has left me behind. i was able to finish up some chicks though! i will have four chicks to post in the shop (around 4:15 pm e.s.t) today. these will be extremely limited addition... the only 4 i will make this season. i found a very pretty and fluffy yellow fabric perfect for the chicks, but that is all there is. each chick will come with a little tag and number, signed by me.

as for bunnies, i will slip in another update before easter comes. i will be with a little more free time in about one week (we are staying with someone for a bit until we find the right place, so no unpacking immediately). i will be able to post some bunnies the week after next. if you really want a bunny, send me an email or convo privately and i will make a list. thanks for your understanding.

things i love (lately)...

as i'm tearing down my home, and all my hard work to make it so over the last 4 years, i'm feeling a little sad and nostalgic. all my fondest things are going into boxes, not to be seen again for a while. i find myself taking many breaks to look at pretty things instead of ugly boxes. i fell head over heels for these things this week...

nicolette owen's (of nicolette camille) home on design sponge

seahorse tails...

and this lovely image, both from the snail and the cyclops via flickr

poof ...

enamored, from simple moth on flickr

kate towers

vintage wide green glass stoppered decanter

reformed glass jjug
sonnet bliss

back to packing.

um, yes please...

i'm proud to say i helped inspire another great giveaway. i'm so excited that my friend mummysam is giving away one of her dolls... rachel!! her work is absolutely beautiful and inspiring, trust me, i've see it in person. i have wanted something of hers for sooo long... the only trouble is, i want it all, i can never make up my mind!

so if you really must, go over and enter for your chance to win rachel. i do think she'd make a lovely going away present for me though;)

** p.s. i borrowed the title from melissa crowe, who left it for my giveaway. i loved it because it reminds me of one of my favorite lines from flight of the conchords (said by bret).**

inspiration wednesday...

1. inspiration daily: 03. 03. 09, 2. cushion 4 007, 3. Cozy, 4. Kitchen shelves, 5. spring dreamers II, 6. Hund 2 close, 7. it won't be long, 8. sink cubby 2, 9. bunny triplets, 10. sleeping in, 11. cardigan buttons, 12. Marie de la ForĂȘt, 13. Birds of a Feather, 14. tizzy, 15. Summer's Eyelet Dress, 16. Untitled, 17. neglected, 18. xavier and collin, 19. My creative space, 20. Composition on glass

i don't really have much to say about my inspiration photos this week, except:

a) they look like they go together well (i don't plan it, i use mosaic maker to automatically put together all my faves over the last week) and...

b) it makes me really happy to look at them! what better inspiration can you ask for?

thanks to everyone who added me on flickr last week . i'm enjoying all the new photos. if you would like to add me, please do!

hello peeps...

sorry, you haven't heard much from me since i posted about the bunny contest. i have been busy! yesterday, i decided to sit down and work on a little spring chick i have had in mind lately. it was a good day for it, being a snow day! i wanted something colorful and fun... maybe a little sillier than i usually do, but perfect for spring. the result was this little guy of course. now that i have worked up a pattern, i think i will make a few more, along with a few bunnies, and have a shop update this friday. this will probably be my last shop update for a bit i'm afraid, because we just found out we are moving... out of state, in less than two weeks!

so i will try to buckle down for a few days, amongst the growing pile of packing boxes and sew up a few spring/easter goodies for you. after we move i will of course be back to work, but easter is only a month a way now, so i wanted to get a few things in for you (since i have had so many requests lately). i will have some of these chicks, including this one, which is made from a pretty recycled and felted wool and absolutely dreamy japanese linen. i will have some baby bunnies too. i probably won't have too many, but i wanted to offer something. any other requests? let me know now!

so the new update will come friday, and i will announce the contest winner then too. so you have until thursday at noon (easter standard time) to post a comment and enter!