inspiration wednesday...

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i have been craving a bit of alone time these days. i am generally a sort of quiet and introverted person... basically bordering on hermit! not quite, i do need the balance of having other people around to keep me from getting stuck in my own head too much. i am a person who really does need time alone, though, and often. i have discovered this is not easy when i share my life with two very extroverted children! they like constant excitement, interaction, and noise. it's definitely a struggle for me to find the right balance these days... and often i remind myself how fleeting this time will be, how much quiet may stretch ahead of me.

staying with family has been such a great opportunity for us. we are really enjoying having people around us who love and care so much. the help with the children is especially nice of course, and i am so grateful for it. i must say i do miss having my own space, and the ability just to tune the world out when necessary.

what about you?

saturday shopping list...

1) large maple bowl, made by ofactory2278
2) small tuck pot, by pigeontoeceramics
3) vintage 1960's red leather italian mules, from revivalhouse
4) a slice of strawberry shortcake pincusion, by polkadotsstrawberry
5) pair of vintage baskets, from goodbuyannies
6) climbing roses in spring 8x10, by kristinenoel

i picked today's items just because they are pretty, and looking at them makes me happy:)

have a great weekend, and visit fancypicnic for more lists in the series!

a little catch up on our new life...

fun in the woods behind the house...

a day at the aquarium...

a walk by the river...

at a nature preserve...

at the atlanta zoo..

the kids are having a lot of fun...

and for our friends and family we missed this easter, we wish you love and happiness too...

miss you!! xoxoxoxo

inspiration wednesday...

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i am a very "seasonal" person. i grew up in california, in the desert no less. i always yearned to live somewhere where a change of seasons meant more than a transition from green to brown (green in winter and brown in summer!). not that the desert doesn't have it's own beauty... unfortunately people just ignored it there. they chose to fill their yards with "lock-rocks" instead (terrible). i love living in a place where each season feels like a new beginning and brings it's own special gift. i also love that you can visit flickr and see others celebrating the seasons as well. beautiful.

on another, related note, i love that everyone is getting chickens! my brother-in-law and his girlfriend have chickens. i hope to have some down the road as well. there is a big controversy where i am staying now (outside of atlanta) whether chickens are livestock or pets. it is illegal to have livestock here, and some people with chickens are fighting this law. i find it funny because everyone has so much space here, but chickens aren't allowed. they are allowed where we will be living in the city though! they were legal in brooklyn also. at my son's school in brooklyn they didn't have chickens, but they did raise ducks! in a world where we have become so disconnected from the "natural" world, i think these things are so important. i know it can be considered a fad... but at least it's a good one. what do you think?

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a new home...

it seems we have found a new home, and i am very happy about this! we won't be moving in for a few months still, but it's good to know we are finally on our way to making a life here. the moment i walked in, i just knew it was right! it's a very sweet house, with a huge backyard, on a lovely street! i can't wait to start learning how to garden (and start decorating of course)!

saturday shopping list...

1) sea blue bathtub print, by janethillstudio
2) long pillow sage and mustard, from newduds
3) you choose half dozen bath-not-bombs, by katevw
4) eastern felted lights, made by helenemagnusson
5) ludwig stick leg sheep, by drawingroom
6) moon dancing hares paper theater, from underthestairsstudio

have a truly lovely, peaceful, and calm weekend!



peonies and polaroids...

i am so grateful to visit my blog today and see this wonderful post from peonies and polaroids. honestly, i have spent a lot of time lately questioning myself and my work. especially with the stress of moving, i have had so little time and energy to be creative. my poor shop looks so neglected. sometimes i wonder if there is a point? i actually considered closing my shop and just making things when i felt like making them for myself. the thing that stopped me was how much joy and fulfillment i get out of these little creatures i make. i figured that was enough to keep me going for now. when i read this post today, it was really affirming. it feels so amazing to be able to bring a little bit of joy to someone else with something i have created. someone i have never met, who lives in a completely different place... somehow we are now connected. i love especially that it was such a sweet token between two friends. wonderful! thanks for sharing this with me. i really needed it.

check out the rest of her beautiful blog, and here amazingly beautiful photographs.

inspiration wednesday...

1. pulmonaria, 2. untitled, 3. stuff..., 4. Craving strawberries, 5. inspiration daily: 04. 07. 09, 6. ., 7. nest, 8. knitted rows with sun light, 9. Untitled, 10. pixie stump, 11. the prettiest pom, 12. tulips, 13. easter, impending, 14. Newcastle Upon Tyne scotswood road, 15. Colored Glass, 16. Apartment therapy, hallway, 17. new lace, 18. Pear apples, 19. Rabbit WIP, 20. I love this old car, 21. PICT0035, 22. WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME, 23. edibles, 24. Untitled, 25. Mini Eggs

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spring! oh beautiful spring! we can literally watch the flowers bursting. yesterday was rather strange though... we had a cold snap, and i was staring out the window at beautiful flowers, sunshine and snow! an odd experience. i ran to get my camera but missed it, of course. the snow was mixed with swirling pollen! tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful again. i am trying to remain positive and focus on how lucky i am to have spring already... even when it is mixed with a little snow.

** can you see my bunny hiding in there? i was surprised to see it too!

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baby bunny...

new baby bunny going in the shop today. this will be the last new bunny added for a bit. i'm starting some new projects, as well as revisiting some animals i haven't made in a while.

i'm off to read to my son now, and will add her when i get a chance this afternoon. we have been so busy house hunting, i haven't had much time to post on the weekends (i found one i love, keep good thoughts for me!). i will post some pics from our walk along the river yesterday, as well as some other bits of interest.

**update... okay, that went fast. i'm not planning on making any new bunnies for awhile, but if you would really like one please feel free to get in touch.

remember these guys...

... i guess i should say, these girls? or just these bears. anyway, i am working on a special order for a pair of polar bears, and i have had many other requests for special orders in the recent past. i had to take a break during the whole moving process, but i have decided to accept custom orders again for awhile. i'm anxious to start working again, and things have been rather slow in the shop because of my break. if you are interested in something, get in touch with me.

inspiration wednesday...

i wish i could just climb into this little world of pictures. whenever i'm stressed i find myself going over to flickr. i like that there are few to no words... i can just fall into them and imagine what i want. or they offer little glimpses into others lives, and i can imagine the rest. i like that some are made perfect, and that others show the beauty in an imperfect world. i know very little about photography. i bought myself a semi-fancy camera last year. i hope to have the time someday to actually learn how to use it. i like to take pictures though, and i like to share them. want to know another secret? i do not know how to use photoshop. my husband is a master, but i can't seem to get myself to learn it... my brain is too full right now maybe. i do appreciate the way others use it, and would like to have it as an option at some point. i tried some of the more basic programs, but never like the effect.

i also like that people link to their blogs, because if i am curious for more i can go there. i don't like or understand why flickr frowns on this? today was a baaaaad day. i was browsing flickr for a quick break and came across this photo by soule mama. it led me to this post... and suddenly i felt less alone.

find me on flickr... i really could use more friends to share with! no foolin;)