yes, easter. i know its been a while but i thought i'd share a few photos. we did the naturally dyed eggs again this year. i used this method, something new. it gives a nice little chart of possible ingredients to use, which you then boil for quite a bit. after getting the color desired, we put the eggs in jars over night to soak. i love how every year the colors come out differently and also how the eggs change colors over time after they are dyed. next year i will make some to keep out of blown eggs. i didn't have the patience to do it this year... or my usual easter egg tree. oh, well. next year we will have a baby to share it with. 

the kids really like to help with the process. i sent them into the yard with a basket to find as many potential ingredients as they could. they like thinking up ideas and putting the eggs in and pulling them out. there is not much to do beyond that though. maybe next year we will also try some different methods of adding decorations too.

they had a really fun easter egg hunt waiting for them at their grandparents house too. there was so much candy and sweets that day that haven't even eaten everything yet! i made them baskets this year, using this pattern. it was so easy and fun and i will make some more for storage. looking forward to three baskets next year too! first holidays are always so fun.

speaking of eggs. i have eaten egg burritos every day for nearly two weeks! i can't get enough. granola and yogurt is another craving. today i had cereal and salad for lunch. so random. pizza with black olives and pineapple... yum. the baby seems to like sweets also.... or at least that is my excuse anyway.

28 weeks...

wow, i didn't mean to fall off the face of the earth... or blog earth, at least. i'm still here and oh, so busy. i promise to have a few catch up posts to let you know what i've been up to soon but i just wanted to check in first. i'm 28 weeks and baby girl is doing great! she is growing (and kicking) like a champ... 2lbs 12 oz. as of yesterday. i start twice weekly ultrasounds next week to make sure she is staying healthy... so i will be even busier. i am feeling huge, but that's ok. i'm enjoying every most minutes of it:) that's how it goes i guess. i truly promise to be be better about posting and sharing what is going on.... my trip to savannah, easter, what i'm working on, kids and so on.

be back soon... i'm off to get my kids.