going, going...

all of my lovely animals are almost gone. i have a few new ones since i took this photo, but half of these are gone now. my "studio" is looking a little bare without my animal friends. it's exciting and a little sad to say goodbye. i just sent off 4 animals to the u.k. this past week... which is funny to me, since i have never been there myself (i'm embarrassed to admit). i hope they enjoy their little adventure... it's kind of cool to think of these little creatures i've created going off into the world! maybe they'll send me a postcard.

time to get busy making some new ones:)

some new favorites...

i love looking at beautiful design (if that isn't obvious). i'm one of those design magazine junkies... i can't get enough of those beautiful, serene pictures of people homes. i guess i also love the voyeuristic aspects of it too. actually, one of my favorite things about living in a city is walking around at night and getting a glimpse into people's houses. i like it when you can just see a little bit, not too much... just enough to imagine the world inside. i hate when people actually catch you doing this though! oops! i swear i'm not a peeping tom, i just want to see your wallpaper...

these photos came from a new design blog i stumbled on. it definitely helps fill my quota for design photo consumption. check out emma's desinblogg.

i just bought this little pitcher from paddywaak on etsy. her pictures just drew me in!

i also found this pretty tray from sweetshorn. now i can work on my own arrangement of pretty objects to photo.

ok, enough shopping for me... my husband and daughter both have birthdays in october! she's easy... he's always difficult. any suggestions for good shops for men?

blog mentions...

there is a great interview with noelle of xenotees on the the peach tree (one of my favorite blogs). she was nice enough to mention my kitties too. it's a nice feature, go check it out for yourself.

i'm also featured on the blog of katgirl studio, who also shared a little kitty love too!!

i found another amazing blog, that was kind enough to mention my work, kidshaus. they have a really great selection of items featured there... many new to me. i discovered some wonderful new finds! she also has an etsy shop with some really cute prints (example above).

there was also a very nice mention of my shop on plush you!

it's kind of exciting to see my work getting some attention:)

saturdayshopping list. no 7...

a big thanks to the people who have featured me in a treasury that made it to the front page! look at all these great items they sell...

1) two small tea cups orangish and tealish, by utilemud
2) shoo fly, by gollybard
3) waves earings, by betsy3
4) atomic alarm clock, from greybrocket
5) girl's bag (free shipping), from meeabee
6) french pet lobster shirt, by xenotees (who has gotten me on the front page twice!)
7) a soft sea, by cserdan
8) ecola, by pugsinspace
9) woodland girl, viola, three piece play set, made by winsomehollow

go check out fancy picnic for more:)

fall leaves..

i've been sick all week with a cold. i'm feeling somewhat better today, except i've almost completely lost my voice (thanks in part to my children). yesterday i kept jack henry home so i could rest... yes, my husband asked me what i was thinking too! i really didn't want to take him to school and pick him up, and he's generally pretty good. i'm not sure i'd call it a restful day, but i admit i did give in and rely on the television this week... way too much (cringe). i always feels so guilty doing this, and i know this is a dilemma that many parents are faced with. my children of course thought they hit the jack pot, as they usually get one movie a week, and that's it. which, actually i think makes weeks like this worse because they are on complete overload from it. it short circuits their little systems!

i'm really not one of those people who thinks television is evil, i don't actually. i do see it suck them in, and not want to do other things. i want them to be creative and not rely on television. it's a struggle though, especially in the city where they can't go out to play (without it being a major production). so at this point, it's a movie on saturday morning while mama and papa sleep in.. which keeps it something special. going to the movies is another story... i'd probably go everyday if i could (maybe that's why i have a master's in film theory). i used to take jack henry to every age appropriate move that came out, because we both adore the experience so much! the popcorn, the big screen, the excitement! alas, i quickly found out not every movie is actually age appropriate, even if it labeled so... or it is just down right terrible. who decided "raunchy" is the way to go with children under 13!? i really don't shelter my children from most things, i'm pretty laid back about that (most of my friends think i'm crazy because of this) but these movies just aren't good. so now, i'm more selective about what we see.

we did manage to do some other fun things yesterday besides watch movies. my son had the idea to cut out some fall leaves. sidney was frustrated she couldn't cut them out, so she decorated. pretty cute and they look nice in our windows. a good mommy moment in a week with few of them.

autumn bunny...

new little bunny in my shop today.

blog feature...

i'm honored to have some of my work, in cluding my giraffe, featured on babygadget this week. it's a really nice feature and a great blog. i found some other great items there while looking around. go check it out:) the blog is run by a couple of fellow brooklynites who have a yummy shop on etsy, whimsy and spice (mmm, i want one of those chocolate marshmallows so bad)!

so cute...

i saw this lovely picture on the purl bee, the pattern is available from purl soho. i have never actually made clothes before, but this picture makes me want to learn. actually, i want to make it in my size though! if you click on the link you will also find a great tutorial for sewing on buttons... i know, you are probably thinking "why would i need a lesson in sewing on buttons"? i clicked out of curiosity and it's actually really useful information. i'll never sew on a button wrong again:)

new kitty...

new little white kitty in my shop.

just a reminder...

today is the last day to enter the giveaway. you still have a chance to win my little kitty if you blog before 10 pm tonight, and post it here. good luck to everyone. i'm really enjoying reading all the kitty stories everyone is sharing!

saturday shopping list no.6

i love to see people who are creative about what goes into their work, especially when they consider their impact on the environment and those around them. as an artist who often tries to reuse fabrics myself, and is very concientious about the materials i use, i am so appreciative of the abundance of shops on etsy trying to reuse, repurpose, reduce, reclaim, relove... so many great ways to look at it! there is no way i can begin to show them all here, but these are a few that have caught my eye lately. just click on the items name to find out what makes each one so great. enjoy!

1) coffee sack pillow- frankenpillow, by sewgreen
2) cochineal pink- by ecologicalartist
3) ecofriendly flatware set, made by ponyup
4) salut, birdie mobile, from royalbuffet
5) a rainbow of different color shants, made by soulyluna (a fellow ucsb alumni, i found out!)
6) wool and vintage button brooch, from thecalakacompany (otherwise known as my mommy:)
7) flora giraffe card, by reloveprojects
8) basic black- genuine drilled beach stones, from seasidesupply
9) modern red oak spinning wheel- adamo, made by ford4him

go check out fancypicnic to find more great lists:)

brooklyn flea...

i'm up late and sneaking in one more post before climbing into bed. i saw this over on design*sponge and wanted to share. starting in october at the brooklyn flea, in conjuction with greenjeans (which was one of my favorite neighborhood stores, now closed, but still active) some wonderful regional furniture designers will be featured! it will take place every sunday for the entire month. these pictures look amazing, and i've discovered there are some very talented designers around here and therefore can't wait! go check it out if you can, and if not go enjoy some of the pictures at design*sponge, or through the artists websites. i love nightwood, who's furniture is shown above. simply lovely.


enough about me. go check out katy's blog if you haven't lately! it's so great (and it's starting to look like a forest in there:) while you are at it, grab one of her lovely trees before they are all taken by christmas shoppers.


i'm so thankful for my recent luck on etsy, and i so appreciate those who have helped me out...

thanks to utilemud (who has a beautiful shop) for this wonderful treasury that made the front page!

another thanks to betsy3 (who sells beautiful jewelery), for this very lovely treasury (it's titled cinderella!) that made it to the front page today...

thanks also to gollybard, who's treasury also was featured on the front page (she has a great shop too!)...

i also will post about some of the very cool blogs i've been featured in over the next few days (i don't want the to get buried here). i'm really humbled by everyone's kindness and the beautiful work i am surrounded by:)

sale ends today...

just a reminder that the sale ends today in my shop... it's the last day to get items that were listed this summer before they disappear.

we are very busy around here, as you can see... packing up orders and working on special new ones. i hope to have time to update my shop with some new goodies soon. i'm also planning for some fairs too! good thing i have my little helpers.

black cat giveaway...

for anyone in love with my black cat... here's good news... i'm giving one away! i'm participating in the {newnew} team monday giveaway. go visit the blog to find out how to enter. good luck!

by the way my kitty was just featured on the front page of etsy again (thanks to greybrocket)! that one sold, but this special one is still waiting for you to win him:)


wow, this first week back to school has really worn me out. anyone else's children seem to completely lose it during this transition? my son loves his school too! he's a mess though, poor kid, and seems like the whole family is thrown off.

so because of this, i'm a little behind in actual posts. my blog is a little sad lately. i do have lot's of great posts i compose in my head on a daily basis! too bad you can't see those. i'll try to get back on track soon. tomorrow, i'll announce the details about my giveaway... you'll have a chance to win something fun from me:)

front page again!..

just popping in quickly... we had a long but very nice day and i'll share the details soon. i just wanted to give thanks to meeabee, for including me in her wonderful treasury i felt like it (go visit it, because i couldn't fit the whole treasury in when taking a cap on my laptop and there are some really cute items!). it made it to the front page and i got several more sales from it! it's really wonderful the way fellow etsians support and promote one another, and i for one really appreciate it!

we're off...

sorry no saturday shopping list today... we are off to do some actual handmade shopping. we are heading up to beacon, ny to check out the handmade cavalcade! this is being put on by the new new team, and will be from 1-8pm. it coincides with beacon's second saturday art's walk as well. i'm looking forward to getting out of the city and going somewhere new.

sorry i didn't let you know about this earlier... but we tend to do things spur of the moment around here!

three times lucky...

wow! well today was a big day for me. i woke up this morning and clicked onto etsy to find myself on the front page.. or my black cat anyway. it was such a nice surprise (thanks xenotees, who is such a sweet person and has really great tees in her shop)!

i came back later to take some treasury pictures to put up on the natural kids blog, and saw that i was on the front page again! my little canary was right there, and i couldn't believe it (thanks to cserdan, cs designs)...

later, i was bringing my son home from school when my husband called down to tell us that katy had called and said i was on the front page. i thought she must have meant earlier, but when i checked, there i was again... and it was a treasury made by katy! what a lucky day for both of us (thanks sweetie!)...

i received so many nice convos from people today, it really is wonderful to see that people are touched by my work. i guess i can't complain anymore when i see someone else on the front page more than once. it feels nice from this side of it:)

new treasury...

i don't make treasuries very often. this one came up unexpectedly when i clicked into treasury west... so i just put in some of my orange and blue (i love this combo) favorites. on a side note... i thought it was funny that the fabric pattern is called "park slope". that's my neighborhood!

another great giveaway....

the {new new} team is having another giveaway this week on the blog. this week is a great tote bag from kimmchi. i don't know if you are like me, but i love collecting tote's to use for shopping. we belong to the park slope food coop where they have banned plastic bags. we end up using them for everything though... especially when hauling the kids around. this tote is really cute and great quality. i hope to win it, but feel free to try yourself by blogging about it too:)

look for my giveaway next week too!

handmade kids contest...

oh well, i didn't win the voting (not even close) but i still appreciate everyone who did vote for me (even in spirit). thank you, thank you! i'm really proud i made it into the finalists. i also sold my wall hanging that was nominated! at least i know it will be enjoyed by someone out there, and that's the whole reason i'm trying to do all this. congrats to everyone who did win!

my loss can be your gain... to celebrate being a loser, i'm going to have a sale! yay! check my shop this week, for some big discounts coming up soon on items listed this summer.


lovely treasury...

i am always so honored when i am featured in a treasury. i always intend to show them all here, but i can never seem to find the time to do all that i intend. this is a lovely one, i am honored to be in. the colors are really striking!

contest reminder...

just thought i'd add a little reminder about the handmade kids contest on etsy... since voting ends tomorrow. i wouldn't want you to miss out on a chance to win that shopping spree;) you can see the nice selection of finalists from the natural kids team, in the lovely treasury katy put together (just click the picture).... and then you can go vote here and here!

saturday shopping list no.5

this week i'm featuring some members of the {new new} etsy team (of which i am a member also). this etsy street team represents independent artists, artisans, and crafters from new york, new jersey, and connecticut. once again, it was difficult to narrow down my choices from such a talented pool of work, but here are some of my favorites... enjoy! (and leave me a comment if you do!)

1) nest egg pin, from knitknit- this is such a delicately beautiful piece of wearable art
2) watermelon pincushion, by love forever- this would look delicious anywhere in your home (and is made by kayte terry who's book you can win at the new new blog)!
3) love is not- pasta or salad bowl, made by may luk ceramics- a beautiful and functional bowl that was inspired by a friend's poem
4)the dear deers vintage portrait print, by peppersprouts- i really love this unusual and very fun print!
5) brooklyn bridge necklace on a nickel, by wabisabi brooklyn- imagine being able to wear the brooklyn bridge around your neck! this is a fun way to celebrate our lovely city
6) a bottle of wine with marimekko, by yours truly xoxo- i love these fun lamps so much, i bought one for myself last week! wonderful lamps from a very friendly seller
7) out on a limb letterpress card, by three red hens- what a special way to send someone a hello
8) silkscreened paisley and lotus, by kimmchi- i love the colors of this shirt, and it looks really comfortable too!
9) tina in houndstooth, by cakehouse- i love all the fun designs from this shop. we use place mats and cloth napkins at every meal. it's great for the environment (especially since she recycles fabrics to make them) but it also just makes every meal special (even mine!)

visit fancypicnic for more great lists (or if you are interested in making one yourself)!


i have to share some of the lovely new pieces my sister, katy, has in her shop right now. she is such an amazing artist and is creating such a magical little world over there! i'm in love with that santa, and might snatch it up myself (click on the pictures to see them in the shop:)!

crafty centerpieces and other stylish news...

i always look forward to the "home" section of the ny times each week, but sometimes it's hit and miss. this week they had two great articles, including one about some really fun centerpieces made by david stark... from twine! the pictures and accompanying article and explanations are great!

the other article of interest was a really cool piece on faythe levine, who is a crafter, craft supporter, and filmmaker. she has a documentary coming out titled "handmade nation", about the current crafty d.i.y movement. i've watched the trailer, which looks great, and the article makes me interested to see more.

new little bird...

a new little bird has flown into my shop. she is really cute... even cuter in person. more on the way, but none like her:)

really great giveaway!...

when i first saw this book, complete embellishing by kayte terry, i was really excited... it's exactly the kind of stuff i love to do! the best news of all is that you can win it for free! the {new new} etsy street team has started a weekly giveaway on their blog (i happen to be a member of this wonderfully eclectic group and will be participating in a giveaway soon as well). this is a really great way to learn about and possibly win great new items. go check it out, and enter to win by blogging about it yourself. regardless of whether you win it or not, you should get this book to help enhance the crafty goodness in your life.

new animals...

i've been working hard on some new animals, and have so many ideas for more! i wish i had more hours in the day. the giraffe has been my project for the last few weeks (yes weeks!). he was very hard to make but i'm very happy with him. i'm trying to push myself to try new things, and keep creating. the more i sew, the better i get at it.. and the better i get at figuring out pattern making. it's really fun, and frustrating... but mostly fun:) i'll be adding them to the shop this week, and some more as well.