donate and win...

a quick post to let you know about a tremendous giveaway for a great cause. for a chance (or several) to win some amazing prizes by some really wonderful artists (so many of my favorites), go here to  give a donation. really, whether you win the prizes or not it's a win win situation.

yes, i am working...

i haven't had a shop update in a while, but i am working. this saturday i have a craft show i will be at. i haven't done one since leaving ny! if you are in the area come by and say hello. i do not have a lot made, but hope to have a few more animals by then. i'm also having fun with some flag banners and lavender pillows. whatever is left over, animal wise, will make its way into the shop next week! i have a papa deer to accompany the doe and fawn... he is already cut out and ready to sew. i hope to have another giraffe, and some sheep and so on. i am happy with the way the elephant came out. i spent a lot of time trying to get the shape just right and experimenting with new eyes. unless someone snatches her up, she will be in the shop soon... or maybe another like her. time to get back to work!

grateful friday...

i am so grateful for the beautiful weather. period. this wonderful sunshine is a gift... and we are enjoying it!! i'm so tired from working for hours in the yard, but i am also in love. who knew?! the trees, the sky, the amazing flowers... it is all so lovely here, and it is finally starting to feel like home. kinda, sorta;)

** i'm also extra grateful for katy... thanks for putting up with us and traveling around with us:)

flickr favorites (unschooled)...

1. Untitled, 2. 1 stic uv buder, 3. My little Baker, 4. Maya, 5. get outdoors 4.14, 6. More room to grow..., 7. Gone Fishin', 8. first teepee of the season!, 9. Zeb Milked A Cow Too, 10. not sure of a title, 11. story teller, 12. Olivia Painting by Numbers

there has been a lot in the media lately about unschooling. i haven't personally watched everything out there yet. truthfully, i am a little afraid at what might be said. people often tend to distort things they haven't personally experienced. each of us are living our lives, and making choices the best we can. we don't personally have a television, so i don't always know what is going on the mainstream media. obviously i have a computer, and read the paper but i do find my sense of sanity is much greater since i have limited my exposure to television! we are very new to homeschooling ourselves. this summer will be the first time i have both home full time actually. my son and i have enjoyed figuring it out... and everyday is truly a new learning experience for us both. i don't know where it will lead us, but i look forward to finding out. i will try to share more of our journey here as well.

so today, i thought for my flickr favorites i would share some lovely unschooling... or life learning photos (there are so many ways to describe it). these pictures come from two groups... unskooled and the art of unschooling. there are a lot of great flickr groups where people share their unique experiences of unschooling and homeschooling in general. this is just a small glimpse of some of these! i love seeing kids taking charge of their learning experience... and having fun! mine are currently building some sort of crazy fort in the house out of anything and everything, while singing songs from mary poppins. this is after a morning of learning about frogs, and reading. who knows what is next:)

off to do some rainy day reading and sewing!

grateful friday...

this week i am grateful for someone else to take pictures of the children. someone very good at taking pictures. i am grateful not only for the quality though, but also for getting to see my children through someone else eyes (thanks angela!). little moments i missed, during a lovely weekend in the mountains courtesy of some very generous friends. the kids had so much fun... especially sidney, who got to show off her glamor girl side for a change (even with food on her face, now that is an accomplishment).

i'm also grateful this week has passed, because "phew", it was a long one. the weekend in the mountains resulted in coming home sick. not so fun. we were stuck inside while outside was so beautiful. i did manage a bit of gardening, and my herb garden is coming along well. this weekend is back to sewing! i know you don't believe me, but i promise... as long as no one else gets sick.

happy weekend! check out my treasury, "what's old is new again", on etsy for some wonderful etsy finds... (have you seen the new treasury east? fun!)

cute and easy diy...

i love easy diy projects, and this one seems to fit the bill. how cute and practical! it would look great in a bathroom. i would love it over my breakfast room window. it doesn't have curtains, because i like it bright... but this would add some color and interest. i found this great tutorial from the home depot (they also have great classes in store, especially for kids... and they are free!), via poppytalk.

sorry for the slow updates. i somehow deluded myself into thinking i would be more productive over spring break (?), and of course we went out of town and then came home sick. life always seems to have other plans than me. i'm feeling better and great new things coming this week.


flickr inspiration and etsy favorites, together at last!...

love on a wire, by wood and wool stool on flickr

ok, sorry for the silly title post... i couldn't resist. i thought i would combine my flickr favorites with my etsy favorites today, since realizing that they often overlap! it just makes sense that so many of the artists and vintage sellers i love on etsy are also wonderful photographers. so let's start with a favorite you have probably seen a lot of places online lately, wood and wool stool. what a talented and creative artist ingrid jansen is! i love her rustic style of work, and the mix of recycled materials with "old fashioned" handmade techniques. it is amazing how it achieves such a modern feel. she does such a  great job combining simplicity, originality and color. lovely.

here is a new favorite to me, that i discovered browsing through the favorites of some of my favorites on flickr (is that confusing?). it's a great way to find new artists or work that you love!

vintage wallpapered closet door, by nest decorating on flickr

i love this artist's beautiful eclectic style of decorating and the way it applies to her work as well. her home was featured here, among other places, and she is lucky enough to live in shelburne, vermont! i'm so happy i found her!

cascading orange rose, by tamar on etsy

here is an artist i have obviously featured before... but despite the family connection she is truly one of the most inspiring artists i know:)

bedroom, by winsome hollow on flickr

katy has such an amazing eye for design (believe me i have see her apartment in person:), and it really shows in her work. if you haven't looked into her shop lately, you should treat yourself. the continuous transformation of her designs is amazing, and the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is truly inspiring.

textile succulent in a vintage bud vase, by winsome hollow on etsy

please, someone buy this... before i am forced to because it is so lovely and i have been drooling over it. or this one, while you are at it.

daffodil bulb, by winsome hollow on etsy

actually, go ahead and buy all of the mentioned above because i am eternally weak in resisting!

in other news, i want to congratulate my friend heather on her first baby being born this week! this is little coralyn, and she is an absolute cutie. i hope i can come visit seattle sometime and meet her in person. actually i would like one of these also, too bad you can't pick those up on etsy:)

easter eggs...

we had so much fun dying our own ester eggs using natural dyes we made ourselves. it was a very last minute project, and i look forward to planning ahead for next year. they did come out lovelier than i expected though! the colors are so appealing to the eye. we used turmeric and dandelions for the yellow, blueberries and violets for the blue (which turned the loveliest mottled blue and brown over night, even though we used white eggs!), coffee and tea for the eggs, and all the orange spices we could find for the orange. we added a teaspoon of vinegar and poured in boiling water. we then added the eggs and let them sit for an hour... a real practice in patience for the children! easter stories by tasha tudor, and reading the country bunny helped to make the wait go faster! we did at night, so sadly i didn't get pictures of them dying the eggs... next year i will plan better (do i ever actually do that?)

they had a lot of fun finding them after the easter bunny hid them, though the kitties found some first! they also were happy to find some surprise gifts mixed in with the chocolate... a snorkel for jack henry and a slip n'slide for sid... used by both in the afternoon. we also spent a lovely morning eating pastries in the local community garden, with the chickens and a lovelier brunch with family at home. we ended the day by walking over to water the vegetable garden my son is helping to make in our neighborhood as part of a garden class he is taking. a lovely relaxing day!

hope you had a lovely day too!

oh, my goshous gracious...

as my four year old likes to say. i can't believe it has been so long since i have posted anything. that is what all that spring weather will do. i know most of you are proabbly busy and not reading this anyway today, but wanted to do a quick post before i go off and try this natural easter egg dye project i found, with the kids. i am trying my best to keep holidays simple and sweet for the children so they don't feel overwhelmed by it all (or me for that matter).

we have been enjoying some beautiful weather and making use of it in our "nature studies"!  here are some images from the week. i hope you have a lovely weekend... happy easter , or i hope you had a happy passover, or just a lovely day full of sunshine! get outside and enjoy! see you next week:)