happy thanksgiving...

hello! happy (almost) thanksgiving to all my lovely blog readers. i know we will all be busy the next few days... at least many of us in the u.s. so i thought i'd post today to wish you all a lovely week with your family and friends. thank you all for being such good friends to me. remember this little tutorial that katy and i did oh so many years ago? well, etsy has it back up this week as part of their how-tuesday: thanksgiving roundup. it's a fun little needle felting project that is a good introduction for new needle felters, older children, or a sweet idea for decorating the children's place settings on thanksgiving day (plus, a cute take home gift for them).

also, to say thanks this year, i have lowered my prices in the shop. thanks to all my loyal customers and to everyone who shows me support throughout the year!


just to let you know, there is a listing up in the shop now for custom nativity orders. they take two weeks for katy (winsome hollow) and i to complete. find out more information here.

today was the last week for our farmer's market... boo. it has become a favorite weekly ritual for us and april is seeming very far away! there were so many good vegetables today... we got a ton of greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, turnips, herbs, tomatoes, plus bread and more. we will really miss it. do you have a favorite farmer's market? we all love going. we always see people we know, the kids play the whole time, they have great chef demos from some of the best chefs in atlanta, lot's of goodies to eat while we are there, including delicious wood fired pizza, and plenty of doggies for charlie to say hello to (plus, lot's of goodies for him to try to steal). we were lucky that it started right after we moved to the neighborhood and was an instant success... thanks to all the hard work of those who run it and of course the farmers and bakers themselves! i can't wait until next year. i also can't wait to turn all that good food into a thanksgiving meal this weel. my kids, and husband have the whole week off, and i am lucky to be surrounded by my lovely little family!

a little donkey and a lost tooth...

a new little donkey friend finished today and going in the shop soon. sweet for christmas or anytime... the little baskets can be filled with whatever suits your fancy.

in other news, my little one lost her front tooth last night! adorableness all around. now she just needs to lose the other before christmas and then we can sing her the song... though she informed me today i was welcome to sing it to her anyway.

"see, no tooth!"

bear with me...

a little bear i made special order last week

i am afraid to admit that i was listening to christmas music today while i cleaned the kitchen... the new she & him christmas album on spotify. i'm kinda falling hard for spotify. do you use it? i'm so in the mood for christmas this year. it seems a lot of us are feeling this way... i keep seeing people guiltily admitting to already listening to christmas music as well. i do find it helps put me in the mood for making things for the shop though. i won't have a huge update, as my poor little shop has been so neglected that i feel like i can't really compete up with all the vast amount of choices that are on etsy these days. i think it's cool, but also a little overwhelming! i will have some more animals... including a really cute (if i do say so myself) donkey, that i can't wait to share. i hope to have it finished tomorrow. also, i have a couple of other new ideas i'm excited to work on! i have reminded myself that sometimes i need to splurge on new fabrics to work with in order to feel inspired. i am not good at doing the same things over and over! i also plan to make some gifties for our prairie seed shop. have you checked it out lately? katy has added some really delicious aprons and other goodies!!

sweet pocket apron

black and white gingham apron

three lovely linen tea towels

little views from around the house (fall edition)...

my daughter decided she wanted to make a little centerpiece for the table after collection the eggs yesterday and this is what she came up with... i guess she does pay attention to what i do around the house

lemons finally turning yellow... but after nine months of watching them grow how could i ever eat them?

berries from the yard

chicken corner, for after chicken "doody" (sorry couldn't resist)

view of the coop from outside my kitchen window when i look out in the morning

new sign

i painted the hallway white last week, and i love the light now. i need a new rug and some art on the wall

library, a major work in progress

hall light. i'd like to replace this when i find something right but i'm thinking of replacing the shades for now

i can't wait to decorate the stairs for christmas (and the whole house too!!)

new little sheep...

a new little sheep in the shop in time for the holidays! i have a lot more holiday goodies coming this month, so keep an eye out!

faber castell...

                                 Faber Castell from eric yeo on Vimeo.

have you seen this amazing video? it is an ad for faber castell, which shows the artist chan hwee chong in action... recreating a famous work of art through one long continuous spiral line that varies in width and pressure! it doesn't even seem possible to me, but it is quite beautiful and inspiring! thanks so much ez at creature comforts for sharing this, it totally made my day!

also, i love faber castell. their products are amazing and i love that they make high quality items for children. we always buy these for our kids. (that's just my own opinion:)