weekend getaway (or how i ran into gloria steinem in the bathroom)...

bell hooks and gloria steinem

i had the most amazing weekend recently! it was really refreshing. i took a  quick trip up to kentucky, where i spent at least 2 days laughing. i laughed so much my back hurt! that is what happens when you get all those generations of southern women (i will include myself in that, though i will always think of myself as a transplant) together. five women ages 29-86! oh, boy. my poor uncle who was stuck amongst us. my husband is probably thanking me for not asking him to go, but i'm glad i went! i wanted to take a side trip to berea while there, a lovely old town with the most wonderful college! all tuition is free to students willing to work in exchange. i had only known it to be a school of craft, and a an amazing place to buy the most beautiful handmade (student made) goodies.

i had no idea they also have a women's studies program, which has been lucky enough to have bell hooks on faculty for the past six years.she recently opened the bell hooks institute for critical thinking, contemplation, and dreaming. steinem came to help inaugurate the institute and agreed to have a conversation with hooks for an intimate audience. the talk, was amazing... they covered so many subjects regarding women, race, family, community, empathy, aging,  and laughter! it resonated with me in so many ways. the fact that they are long time friends really added to the intimacy of the occasion. i am so grateful to have gone, and so thankful to my mother for finding out about it. oh, boy it made me miss my own women's studies days. both women looked incredible! i can personally attest to this, as i ran into gloria steinem in the bathroom! 76! we can all hope that we too find a life so fulfilling as to leave us looking so radiant!

the funny thing was my 86 year old grandmother was horrified when we told her we were going, but after having feminism defined for her she realized she had never actually known what it meant... and proclaimed herself a feminist too! amazing... there is hope after all!

berea, kentucky
if you are in the south, or ever that way i highly recommend visiting the town and school.

midlife crisis...

is it possible to have a midlife crisis as you near 35? i think i am perpetually in midlife crisis since birth, so it is hard to tell. i am sitting here looking at the lovely moon, and listening to this...

how much do i love this song? and that beautiful movie! i watched it twice in a row, and i will watch it again. we sat outside tonight to eat dinner, as we have been every night lately. it is so nice... we linger until dark, when the bats come out. my favorite time of day. the air is finally cool, the crickets chirp. we can just be.

tonight the moon was so bright. we have been studying about space, reading this book, and it is so great. what a great thing to stop all the silly things you are doing and suddenly think about the fact that you are spinning through deep, dark space! close your eyes and think about it for a minute. when you are down on yourself for doing nothing very exciting with your life, just remember the sheer exhilaration of that fact! i love learning all the science of space and the universe, it is so technical and romantic at the same time... "we are all children of the stars". i was moved by the moon tonight to listen to neil young's harvest moon. we sat outside, sid in my arms, listening to music.... and i was truly present. the best feeling in the world.

** in case you are wondering, the harvest moon will be on the 23rd!

mushroom update...

new mushroom in the shop today. i am working on some more, have them all cut out. i also will make some small mushroom ornaments for christmas, in wool like last year and also in linen... cuz these are so fun!

new donkey...

new little donkey in the shop today. he is made from a recycled sweater, and has a little gray linen blanket with a bit of vintage embellishment. i love how each one comes out differently! i have almost finished another mushroom, which will also have a bit of vintage added. i'm planning a special project for christmas... and of course the project i already had planned, that got a bit derailed... oh, and a cake topper. need more hours.

my last post was my 400th! wow!