a very merry unbirthday...

tess is six months old. i can't believe half a year has gone by?! we gave her some sweet potato as a treat for her half year birthday. she ate like she's been doing it all along. "no big deal, i've got this." that's pretty much her attitude about everything. she makes it seem effortless in her easy going way. i love this little one bunches. she has been the sweetest gift to all of us, truly.

we celebrated on three kings day. i had planned to do a fun celebration for both events, including making a cake with a king inside for someone to find. but life gets in the way sometimes and that's ok. we had a little critter seeking warmth in our kitchen this week, which led to kyle ripping out half the cabinets to close up holes. our kitchen is a disaster but already much better with new shelves. the perils of living in an old home. it has inspired us to actually start thinking about the kitchen remodel we want to do. boy it would be a doozy but so worth it. are we up for it? i guess we will have to see.

so you are probably wondering why i am even here. i really thought i was ready to leave this space behind. i can't believe how emotional it was for me! i am realizing how much my life has changed lately and how much more i need to do. i do not want to continue things as they were but i'm not ready to let go of what this space offers. so, i'm ok with no one reading but me and maybe a few loyal friends. i still feel the desire to share myself, even if it is just for my own benefit. in my crazy day to day i can sometimes feel that who i am gets lost. i am mama, teacher, partner, cook, cleaner, sister, artist, friend. i am all of those things but also none of those really describe me completely. i am something more that maybe sometimes gets expressed here. i want that part to be given a little more room. if anyone is interested in seeing it that is great, but in a sea of blogs i am ok being a little fish. it's the sea of my own life i need to focus on.

so here is my goal for myself for this blog:

monday- family
tuesday- homeschool
wednesday- me
thursday- home
friday- reflection

this is a challenge to myself. it is a way for me to set a little bit of structure but allow myself to be creative with it. i won't beat myself up for not being perfect. that's not the point. the point is to get a clearer view and hopefully look back on all of this fondly.



ImSoVintage said...

Don't forget that you are a wonderful and loved daughter, too. :)

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Cary Walker said...

Thanks mom and Melissa:)