before and after...

1. before... trying to hide from getting his tooth pulled. he literally waits until they fall out on their own and has even swallowed one in his sleep. he hates it. sid is the opposite and will not leave a tooth alone until it is out.

2. after... papa decides it should be pulled as it is hanging by one thread and bleeding, plus he doesn't want him to swallow it again. in this picture he has already pulled out the tooth and holding it but jack henry doesn't realize it yet because he is screaming to much.

these photos look staged but believe me they are not. i forgot how many teeth kids lose. why did i think he was done and then all of a sudden teeth are falling out all over the place again?! what do your kids get from the tooth fairy? mine receive coins from her travels around the world. they have quite the collection from many different countries!

take a look here to see my post about his first missing tooth! what happened to that baby? he also got a haircut this weekend.

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