kitchen inspiration...

i'm going back to my dreaming about a kitchen remodel for a little bit here. i am constantly collecting ideas... ideas in the 'dream big' realm and ideas based more in reality. i recently saw this kitchen in the current issue of better homes and garden. i like the way it uses the large double doors instead of windows. i wish i could find the other image showing it from the outside that is in the magazine but not online. you would see how it opens on to stone steps and a patio, which is what we would like to do on the outside of ours... a wrap around stone patio actually. i like that you could potentially open all of the doors up when it is nice (with screen doors attached, it is the south after all). very pretty. i'm not sure if i would have a table there or an island. would an island be strange? would it make more sense to do that where a dining room would be? hmm. anyway, i do like this option. here are some of my other inspirational photos.

you can find the source for all of these, plus more of my favorites here.

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