lazy, lazy, lazy jane...

vilhelm hammershøi

i thought today's post would be about how much i have accomplished this week in cleaning and organizing my house. i thought it would be but instead i must admit i was embarrassed today when the gas guy had to come into the house... "really?" "inside"? oh dear. my laundry room is a disaster, my office a mess, the kitchen floor needs a good scrub and the kids playroom looks like a tornado hit. sometimes it's so easy to let things slip, and then it turns right into a landslide. what is it about the new year that makes everyone want to suddenly clean and organize? i don' t know but i find myself wanting to do the same. everyday i say i will start on this room or that one and clear everything out and organize and clean what is left! i see it so clearly in my head.... but kids call, and the baby won't nap that day, kyle is late from work, we have to run here or there. something always seems to come up and when night comes i fall exhausted on the couch to watch alias reruns. yep. so much more important right? where do i find the motivation to begin? i sometimes think longingly to those hours and hours of time i had during the day last year. time i could devote to one task for longer than 15 or 20 minutes. ah well. the motivation will come i hope. in the meantime alias calls.

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