cup of coffee...

1. anthropologie coffee mug with my initial and single cup cone coffee maker (i want to get a porcelain one to replace the plastic).
2. harrio coffee drip kettle, christmas gift from my husband, resting on a pot holder i made
3. beautiful handmade wooden spoon i got from the country living fair but i no longer remember the sellers name, i love it to stir my coffee with
4) capresso coffee bean grinder, you can choose the consistency based on the method of brewing
5) trader joe's spiced rooibus ruby red chai, i was totally addicted to this stuff when i was pregnant and couldn't drink coffee. i still drink it once or twice a day. it is really very good for you and contains no caffeine
6) vintage red rooster tray, from etsy. appropriately themed for morning wake up. it holds my canister of coffee beans, #4 coffee filters, sugar for guests (i only use half and half), and local honey from the farmer's market for tea

do you have a coffee/tea station in your home? it's funny but i didn't start drinking coffee until i was in my thirties and after my second child! i started mostly for social reasons. ha! that sounds funny but it's true. i always felt left out of the coffee culture world. in college my roommate kept a coffee maker on her desk and was always drinking it around the clock to get her through late nights. trips to meet friends at the coffee shop was a part of life through college and beyond. after i had kids and would host play dates at my house i had to learn how to use a coffee machine for the first time in my life! coffee was always so bitter to me and reminded me of the task of making instant coffee for my dad which i never liked doing. i remember tasting it once when i was making it as a kid and that bitter sip stuck with me. it wasn't until i started trying out fancy latte drinks at coffee shops that i sort of started to get used to it, and then once i discovered the rich flavor of cream in my coffee i was hooked. i am not a heavy drinker, too much and i literally get light headed! two cups a day are perfectly fine... sometimes one will do. i look forward to my cup of coffee each morning with breakfast. i'm a big breakfast eater, as is my son and most days i make a hot breakfast for us. i also like a cup in the afternoon, if i get a chance to sit down and enjoy it, not always easy with the baby. of course, i gave it up when i was pregnant (the smell alone made me sick so it was easy) but now i am back to enjoying my few cups a day.

we like to keep it pretty simple. we've tried various coffee makers and methods... from traditional electric ones to a french press. right now my favorite is the simple cone filter method. it is easy, costs very little and make a really good cup of coffee. i would like to get a chemex also for weekends because my husband drinks a lot more of it than i do (plus, it's pretty). how about you? any big coffee drinkers out there or do you prefer tea? what is your favorite way to make it. do you sit down to enjoy it like i do, or are you ok drinking on the run? i wish i could have you all over for a cup!

here are some ideas on pinterest for your own coffee/tea station!

* i have no affiliation with amazon or any of the products i share. i'm not getting any money from those links i just like to share my favorites.


Melissa Crowe said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, and I was really excited when every coffee place in the world started offering chai b/c that mean I could meet up with a friend and not feel like a baby for ordering hot cocoa. ;-) But my husband, Mark, took up drinking coffee in his thirties, too, and he uses the melitta cone like you have. He's just a one-cup guy, so it makes sense for him. When we have company, though, it's funny--if anybody else wants coffee, they all have to wait their turns. ;-)

I want to try the Trader's Joe's chai b/c I've given up caffeine--we don't have a TJ's here, but I just realized I could order it on Amazon. (What CAN'T you get on there now?)

Cary Walker said...

you sound exactly like me! i always got hot chocolate too! then i moved onto chai, then the hard stuff. watch out, it's a gateway:) the rooibos chai is yum. the rooibos is really good for you but usually too fruity for me. i like it in chai form.

and yes, you can get anything on amazon these days. i thought the trader joes thing was so weird?! i'm addicted to prime though, perfect for a non driver like me. perhaps too perfect. it's a bit enabling!

Melissa Crowe said...

Gateway--I love it. I just got sneakers from Amazon, and I have the free shipping, too. I don't like shopping, so this is a good development for me.

Cary Walker said...

ha! i just ordered shoes from there this week too. minnetonka moccasin boots, pretty much all i ever wear.