scenes from the weekend...

i was hoping for a relaxing weekend with nothing to do. tess has been sick all week with a cold and we were stuck inside for a lot of it. we had several sleepless nights... taking turns to sit up with her for hours at a time. i have forgotten already what that sort of exhaustion feels like, even though it has only been months really since those early newborn days. how quickly your mind erases them. you forget that feeling of tiredness but i think those sleepless moments in the middle of the night are sometimes the strongest in my mind. they are the moments when i am most clearly a parent. often in my day to day i don't really feel grown up enough to be the parent. i feel like i am growing up as much as they are still. when i think back on my own memories of childhood, they still seem so fresh and i am surprised when i realize that my parents were younger than i am now. in the middle of the night, taking care of a sick child, everything else drops away though. the world slows down. it is quiet and that little person is looking to you only. you are comfort and pure love. even if you are too tired and struggle with patience you are what they want and need the most. you are the parent. i can remember so many moments like these from the last ten years and i wonder if they will stay with me always.

1. saturday morning bedhead
2. a funny reminder to our children in the morning
3. after christmas mess, now put away
4. taking time to play mad libs with the kids over breakfast

* i want to mention a little feature done on me at during the week of christmas. it was extremely nice and i'm sorry not to share it here sooner.


Melissa Crowe said...

Sheesh. Your bedhead is adorable!

Hope the babe is feeling better.

Cary Walker said...

Thanks Melissa. Baby is doing much better though she likes to throw in a few fake coughs here and there to make sure we are paying attention.