daily life....

the kids came up with a planet study idea. my mother-in-law, a teacher, gave us some books about each planet a while back. when they feel like working on it they each pick a planet to focus on and then read the book about it to me. afterwards they create their own picture of the planet and choose three interesting facts to write with it. i read from a more in depth book about planets and the solar system while they work. we have also talked about creating a mobile of the planets when we are done. i'm thinking a needle felting project if they are interested? the goal is to work on our solar system and then when we are done to visit  the tellus science center and planetarium. they work at their own pace.

the kids also visited the shakespeare tavern and saw the tempest yesterday. last week we studied a little bit of the play in preparation and they each drew the globe theatre. this was something jack henry was working on for cub scouts and kyle helped organize. the kids seemed to like the play a lot and sidney asked to return to see romeo and juliet!

both kids have scouts this week and basketball. we will probably work on art lab again this week as well. we are reading johnny tremain, and kyle is reading with them as well. maybe i should keep a list of books going as we are reading them? these are just a few things from this week, i'm sure there will be many others!

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